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This Royals fan will be in a lot of pain after failed home run catch

Some fans willingly put their body in harm’s way in order to snag a home run. We aren’t sure we would go that far, but we get it. Catching a home run is rare, and it sets you up with an exceptional story for the rest of your life.

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Putting your body on the line and failing miserably also provides you with an exceptional story … just not one you’ll want to share. One Kansas City Royals fan experienced exactly that Monday night.

With his team already trailing 8-3, the fan got an opportunity to redeem his trip to the game in the sixth inning. Chicago White Sox outfielder Adam Engel smashed a three-run home run to extend the White Sox’s lead. While that would normally be a bad thing for a Royals’ supporter, but the ball was heading straight toward this particular fan.

This was his chance at eternal glory. The ball was traveling over his head, so the fan had to jump and reach back to try and make the catch. His decision didn’t work out too well.

Ouch! He tumbled right over the final row in the outfield stands, landing on the hard concrete concourse.

It had to hurt, though as the tweet above notes, the fan in question really tried to play it off like nothing happened. But we all know he’s going to be extremely sore in the morning.

This Royals fan is going to be sore in the morning. (Screenshot via @Shauncore on Twitter)

At the end of that clip, it looks like he picks something up and puts it in his pocket. Is it possible he actually came up with the ball? If so, that could at least salvage some of his story.

Let’s take a look:

Nope. You can see the ball fall past his arm in that photo. It’s possible it bounced off the bars in the outfield and came back to him, but it’s more likely he was picking up his phone off the ground. And if that was a phone, there’s no guarantee it made it out safe. We don’t know, mostly because our fan played it off casually.

Tomorrow is going to be painful, and we expect there’s going to be a lot of ice in his future. He may even want to take off work. Not necessarily due to the pain, but to avoid the potential embarrassment of his co-workers giving him a hard time after seeing him eat it on television.

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