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Rubicon Organics Receives Municipal Permit for the Cultivation & Manufacturing of Cannabis in Greenfield, California


Rubicon Organics (“Rubicon” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that its application to the City of Greenfield for a municipal cultivation and manufacturing permit has been approved. The Company plans to develop a high-tech greenhouse facility of approximately 80,000 square feet. This facility, in addition to the Company’s Washington State facility, will ensure consistent production of low-cost, connoisseur-grade, organic cannabis. Advanced climate-controlled Dutch greenhouses use 90% less energy by using direct sunlight, and, when coupled with Rubicon’s proprietary organic growing system, they will produce 25% to 30% higher yields at a significantly lower cost when compared to conventional, warehouse-style production systems.

“Our core beliefs rest on the notion that the opportunity is now to invest in and develop an energy-efficient, sustainable infrastructure that will create the foundation for ethically produced, high-quality, organic cannabis products for decades to come. With a secure licensed supply chain we can continue to develop, acquire and partner with industry-leading brands and organizations.”
-Jesse McConnell, CEO Rubicon Organics

About Rubicon

Rubicon Holdings, Inc. (“Rubicon Organics” or “Rubicon”), a Washington State corporation, is a cannabis company focused on the United States recreational and medical marijuana markets. Rubicon has an established extraction lab, order fulfillment center and, through working with a licensed processor, has commenced sales under the Doctor & Crook Co.TM brand in Washington State. Rubicon is constructing a two-phase, high-tech, licensed greenhouse in Washington State totaling 100,000 square feet to produce high-quality, low-cost marijuana using certified organic inputs. Rubicon plans to continue to build its business into California with an 80,000-square-foot, high-tech greenhouse, extraction and manufacturing facility and order fulfillment center in 2017. Rubicon also expects to launch its premium Supplied by 1964TM brand in California this summer. The greenhouses are designed to be modular for expansion capability. Rubicon seeks to continue its expansion with new brand launches, product development and opportunities in other states and countries.

Forward-Looking Statements

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