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Rugby fans travelling to Japan warned over insurance risk

Adam Williams
Medical treatment in Japan is much more expensive than in Europe - AFP

Rugby fans travelling to Japan for the Rugby World Cup have been warned that they must have the correct travel insurance or face being denied treatment.

England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland will be represented at the tournament, which begins on Friday, with thousands of supporters expected to travel to watch their team in action.

However, fans have been told to double check their insurance polices before they depart.

Medical treatment in Japan is much more expensive than in Europe, and in some cases travellers have been denied treatment, according to insurer Columbus Direct.

Stuart Lloyd, of Columbus Direct, said: “There have been cases where Japanese hospitals refuse to treat anyone without insurance. So you should ensure your policy covers you for up to £5m worth of medical expenses.”

Mr Lloyd said that travellers should also ensure that they only travel with prescription medications which have been approved by the Japanese authorities, as some drugs which are legal in Britain may be banned. 

Supporters should also ensure that they have enough cash to cover any unexpected costs, as Japan is still primarily a cash-based society, he added.

England, Scotland and Ireland start their campaigns this Sunday, with Wales' opening match taking place in Toyota on Monday.

As England’s fans were reminded before last year’s football World Cup in Russia, rugby supporters have also been reminded that being injured when drunk is likely to invalidate any insurance claims.