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Making a Target Run on Easter Sunday? Read This First

Jennifer Aldrich

From Country Living

Before you know it, the 2020 season of Lent will be drawing to a close and Easter Sunday 2020 will be here in a flash! Yes, the holy day comes with its fair share of delights—including tons of Easter treats, charming decorations, and a wide array of your finest Easter egg decorating ideas.

But it can also be absolutely egg-hausting. If you’ve been bestowed with holiday hosting duties this year, there is always plenty to do before April 12. You need to make an epic spread of Easter brunch recipes—complete with Easter cocktails, obviously—or maybe a stunning menu of Easter dinner ideas that’s finished with delicious Easter cakes and desserts, of course.

Your Easter table decorations need to be in tip top form, all your Easter egg hunt ideas must be perfectly planned, and you might want to set up some fun Easter crafts for kids to keep your little ones entertained. (Oh, and speaking of the kiddos, you've also got to make sure you have some cute Easter basket ideas up your sleeve!)

Whether it’s your first time organizing the celebration or you've got your Easter party ideas down to a science, it’s completely understandable if you forget an item (or two) for your festivities. And what's the one place that comes to mind where you can pick up champagne for the DIY mimosa bar, flour for your hot cross buns recipe, and even prizes for some fun Easter games? Target! But before you go hoppin’ to your local store to fill your cart, you’ll need to slow your (egg) roll.

Is Target Open on Easter?

Last year, all the Target retailers were closed on Easter Sunday. This year, however, it's unclear whether the store will shut its doors again this year. A representative told CountryLiving.com that it's too far out to tell what the holiday hours will be yet, but that news will be made available soon.

If the superstore does remain closed, that means you'll definitely want to stock up on Easter necessities. We're talking about everything from the ingredients to make your favorite DIY Easter candy recipes to the variety of absolutely adorable Easter decorations available.

Now, before we send you into a total tizzy about buying every single item you could possibly need for your celebration, you can take a deep breath. Although Target might keep its doors closed, there are a handful of stores open on Easter Sunday, including another superstore—Walmart's Easter hours will run like any other day. And with seemingly countless things to do before—and on—the special Sunday, you'll be able to fuel up with your go-to coffee to keep you going, since Starbucks is open on Easter.

If all this discussion about prepping for the event makes you want to sit back and relax on April 12—you can definitely do that while still having a delicious day. There are plenty of restaurants open on Easter where you can eat-in or carry-out.

Moral of the story? Although Target will likely be closed, there's no need to stress. You have plenty of options!

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