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Rusatom Infrastructure Solutions and Sovcombank to Upgrade Infrastructure of 27 Russian Towns

MOSCOW, March 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Sovcombank will become a financial partner in the project of modernising centralised water supply and sewerage systems in the town of Lesnoy, Sverdlovsk Oblast. The relevant documents were signed by Rosatom State Corporation, RIR-Lesnoy LLC (part of Rusatom Infrastructure Solutions) and Sovcombank PJSC.

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The water supply and sewerage systems of Lesnoy were built in the 1960-80s and thus have a high level of deterioration. Rusatom Infrastructure Solutions LLC, as a concessionaire, will modernise main and auxiliary facilities: reconstruct phase III wastewater treatment plants and a pumping and filtering station, repair 20.5 km of water supply and sewerage networks, as well as related facilities, and fix the clean drinking water supply for the village of Chashchavita.

The plan is not only to modernise water supply and sewerage systems, but also to profoundly transform them through the introduction of elements of Smart Water Network, a system of automation and digitalisation of production and supply chain.

In May 2018, Sovcombank signed an agreement with Rosatom State Corporation on a long-term strategic partnership for modernisation of the housing and utilities infrastructure of nuclear towns and joint investment projects in the development of smart cities.

Dmitry Gusev, Chairman of the Board of Sovcombank:

"Rosatom State Corporation is the most important strategic partner of our bank. We will continue to cooperate with the State Corporation's enterprises on infrastructure projects aimed at the development of Russian cities, as well as on the Smart City programme."

Ksenia Sukhotina, CEO of Rusatom Infrastructure Solutions:

"We are pleased to participate in the development of infrastructure of nuclear towns, making life more comfortable and safe for people who live in them. We are also considering the prospects for maintenance and upgrading of public infrastructure facilities in "non-nuclear" towns. The agreements we reached with our reliable partner Sovcombank lay a solid foundation for achieving these goals."

Rusatom Infrastructure Solutions LLC is an industry systems integrator of Smart City, Clear Water, and Concession programmes. The company coordinates the advanced technologies of Rosatom for digitalisation and effective municipal services management.

Sovcombank PJSC is a private bank with assets of 863 billion roubles and the capital of 113 billion roubles in accordance with IFRS. The bank employs 16,000 employees in 3,000 branches and offices in 75 regions, located in 1,052 towns of the Russian Federation.



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