Russ Ruffino Tells Entrepreneurs to Go on “Autopilot” for the Big Money

Internet marketing expert Russ Ruffino was recently featured on Influencers Radio to discuss his success in turning hard-working small-time entrepreneurs into business owners with high profits businesses that run on autopilot

Internet marketing consultant Russ Ruffino recently talked with Jack Mize on Influencers Radio about his system for turning hard-working small-time entrepreneurs to business owners with high profits businesses that run on autopilot.

Ruffino says too many entrepreneurs spend too much time on details while not charging prices commensurate with the actual value of their products and services. He also explains that many of those processes can be put on “autopilot” so that entrepreneurs can spend less time on the details and more time making a difference for their clients.

Ruffino explains, “I see people working so hard, cranking out tons and tons of content on Twitter, YouTube, etc., but not seeing any return on their investment. That’s way too much work for not enough results. I help them devise processes to put all that stuff on autopilot so that the exact clients you want to work with come every day.”

According to Ruffino, there are some critical steps that entrepreneurs need to take to decrease the amount of time they waste while getting their best clients. First, he recommends starting with Facebook for finding prospects, “…not because there’s anything magical about Facebook, but because that’s where everyone is.” When asked how you find the right clients from the billion people surfing Facebook, Ruffino says, “It comes down to how you communicate. Everything about your videos, webinars, landing page text and ads has to be geared toward finding a certain type of client that’s going to see and instantly connect with your message—and instantly respond by reaching out to you to learn more.”

Ruffino explains that another essential piece of the strategy he shares with those he advises is to re-think their pricing strategy. He says too many entrepreneurs are charging bargain basement prices for life-changing services. “If they can really do what they say they can do, they should be charging much more. If they’re helping people get in to shape, save their marriages, attract more customers and fulfill their clients’ deepest, most powerful desires, that’s life changing! And those things should command a premium price point.”

Ruffino says that he can help entrepreneurs turn these ideas into “autopilot” processes and systems they can use to connect with the right clients who are willing and ready to pay premium prices that their services are really worth.

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