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Russia causes over UAH 100 billion in damage to environment in Kharkiv Oblast


The amount of damage caused by Russia to the environment in Kharkiv Oblast reaches over UAH 100 billion [roughly US$2,734,590,000 – ed.].

Source: Kharkiv Oblast Prosecutor's Office

Quote: "The military actions conducted by the Russian Federation cause irreparable damage to the environment and have created numerous consequences for the environment."

Details: The prosecutor's office noted that as a result of attacks and fires, soil and vegetation cover are destroyed, animals die, air and water are polluted, landscapes are destroyed, forests burn, and the land is littered with the remains of destroyed military equipment, fuel and lubricants.


Quote: "Criminal proceedings have been initiated based on evidence of environmental damage caused by Russian Armed Forces attacks and bombing."

Background: As of the summer of 2022, the Russian occupiers caused environmental damage throughout Ukraine estimated at least at UAH 202 billion [roughly US$5,523,871,800].

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