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Russian 'cannibal couple' suspected of murdering and eating dozens of victims they met on dating sites

Alex Lasker, AOL.com

A man and woman arrested in southwest Russia on Sunday admitted to murdering and eating at least 30 victims over the past 18 years, according to reports.

Construction workers were repairing a road in the city of Krasnodar when they discovered a cellphone containing graphic images of a man posing for selfies while holding a dismembered hand in his mouth, according to Irina Volk, the official representative of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia.

Police were then able to link the images to Dmitry Baksheev, 35, and his wife Natalia Baksheeva, 42, by utilizing "special technical measures," according to Volk.

While inspecting the couple's residence, which is located on the site of a military academy where they both are believed to have worked, authorities found the dismembered body of a 35-year-old woman along with a bag of her possessions, according to the BBC.

A variety of body parts 'pickled' in jars and a disturbing photo that seemed to show a severed, cooked human head being served with oranges on a platter were also discovered in the couple's residence.

After the couple was taken into custody, they allegedly confessed to the murder and cannibalization of at least 30 victims starting in 1999, some of whom they lured in through dating websites, according to the Sun.

The Investigative Committee of the Krasnodar Territory released a statement said that saying that forensic testing will be conducted to determine if the body parts were human or animal.

The couple will remain in police custody during the investigation. 

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