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Rutgers tight end uses rear end for incredible catch

Blake Schuster
Yahoo Sports Contributor
Rutgers tight end Jerome Washington hauled in a pass against Nebraska with a couple of lucky bounces and some strong lower-body muscles. (Getty Images)

We’ve already seen some wild and eye-popping catches this season. Yet there’s been nothing like what Rutgers’ Jerome Washington did against Nebraska on Saturday.

What first looks like a poorly thrown incompletion quickly turned into a highlight-reel play. Because of the camera angle, it was hard to tell just how Washington secured the ball. On second look, we see how he was able to do it — by holding it against his butt.

That is most certainly a butt catch.

Washington is somehow able to wrap his ankles around the pass and pull his legs in close to his body. That alone was impressive. Now consider Washington pulling off a somersault to buy himself some more time to control the reception. And while he was upside down he found a way to wrap his hands around the ball without it touching the ground.

We’ve got to hand it to Rutgers. Usually it’s the butt of football jokes. Today it’s the other way around.

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