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Ruth's Chris shot itself in the foot with a football promotion that was too good to be true

Kate Taylor
Ruth's Chris Steak House

(Via Ruth's Chris Steak House )
A Ruth's Chris Steak House in Michigan offered a promotion last week that was literally too good to be true.

On Friday, Ruth's Chris' Ann Arbor location announced a promotion in which customers could get a percentage off their bill equal to the number of points the University of Michigan won by in the team's most recent football game. For example, if Michigan won by 20 points, customers would receive 20% off.

However, on the first week of the promotion, the University of Michigan's dominance exceeded the steakhouse's wildest expectations.

On Saturday, the University of Michigan beat Rutgers 78 to 0. So on Sunday, fans expected to claim a staggering 78% discount on their meals.

Unfortunately, Ruth's Chris responded by announcing that the discount was capped at 50% off, something the restaurant's original post failed to mention.

Some people weren't pleased with the apparent deception.

"Very weak on the 50% qualifier. You made an offer, keep your word," reads one comment on the location's Facebook page.

Still, a half-price meal is a compelling bargain. On Sunday, the restaurant announced on Facebook that all reservations until Thursday had been filled.

The location's "Big Score" promotion will continue for the rest of the season. So if the Wolverines can manage another 50-plus-point win, Ann Arbor residents will have another chance to order some half-price steaks.

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