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FORT WASHINGTON, MD / ACCESSWIRE / December 24, 2021 / Rx SeedCoin, Inc. ( an advanced Blockchain technology business that strives to uplift humanity, and provide solutions for pressing problems facing the world today has teamed up with their partner and featured artist Randy Friemel, to announce the first ever, history making sale of NFT artwork on the Blockchain that is related to the Bible. Artwork, including some Christmas themes that will be hosted on their website, under NFTs, will also help benefit victims of the December 2021 tornadoes The tornadoes devastated several states, including Tennessee and in Kentucky, with the loss of countless lives and severe damage happening right before the Christmas holidays.

"In the NFT and Blockchain world, being first to market with a specific theme of artwork creates value in the NFTs. There are a lot of themes for artwork out there: from pets to abstract art and some fantastic work and artists. We thought that artwork related to the Bible, and more specifically, God and Jesus Christ was long overdue in the world of NFT Artwork," says David Miller, a founder of (and the crypto currency of compassion WSOW), "While we were in the process of identifying artists, artwork, and even having some artwork created for the project, the tornadoes hit Kentucky and our nearby offices in Nashville, Tennessee where our responders immediately began relief efforts. Because of the suffering our team observed, we decided to reschedule our Bible NFT artwork release date from 2022 to the Christmas holidays in 2021 so that we could take some of the proceeds from the sales of the works and use them to help victims. Because we sped up the project, we are doing things a bit different and hosting the NFT sales on our technology partner Ammbr's NFT exchange instead of on our own that Ammbr is building for us but is not yet ready for launch. There are some other things that are being done differently in terms of the way the prints are being sold. I hope people buy prints from this history making NFT series leveraging the Christmas Spirit on the Blockchain to help people in need. We are very honored to offer this first NFT Bible related artwork featuring Jesus for Christmas in order to help people. This initial series will feature works from Artist, Randy Friemel and there will be much more to come."

" is a for-profit Blockchain business whose business plan includes using 1/3 of our resources to help people and make a difference around the world and we want to show people that you can make a profit and do good as part of your business plan," says Jeff Richfield, a founder of, "The NFT business model that we have decided to launch in this current Bible NFT artwork is designed to attract the most talented artists and to reward them for helping with some of the most pressing problems of the world. Unlike other NFT exchanges, we select what will be offered on our exchange and help pay for the promotions of the artwork and the artists in a value proposition where the artist agrees to take payment of 1/3 of proceeds from his artwork and allow us to use 1/3 to help people in need or for some philanthropic purpose that we all agree upon. In our model the remaining 1/3 is given to our NFT exchange business itself in order to ‘pay-it-forward' by helping to pay for the costs of operating the exchange including's overall relief efforts and the distribution of the relief for each NFT, as well as, to help cover the costs for all events, marketing, and promotion of the artist, the artwork and the cause where support is needed. In most cases, is already contributing towards the cause, but in some cases, the Artist can bring a cause or a person who is in need of aid and Artists are free to donate more of their own proceeds to help fund the cause if they want to, but in our model we don't ever ask Artists to contribute more. We hope to attract established Artists to our platform to help with the pressing needs of our age but we have to acknowledge that some of the best Artists are starving themselves so we want to create a level playing field that rewards all artists equally. Whatever they choose to do after that is up to them, and we will not make public whatever their decisions are. This is about creating businesses that help people and we are excited to launch this idea even with all of the rough edges because we are launching a little earlier than planned."

Any person interested in buying a first ever Bible NFT to help tornado victims, please go to and click on the "NFTs" menu item.

For more information about this press release contact: 307-222-9867

SOURCE: Rx SeedCoin

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