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Ryan Bukevicz - Advocating the Flair of Online Marketing

SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 6, 2019 / Ryan Bukevicz is one of the few pioneers who engineered the concept of building an online marketing and tracking platform to channel sales and retailing efforts as a way to generate higher revenues.

He has been active in the online marketing industry since 2001 and has been an advocate for building new and innovative online promotional strategies to help boost sales. His significant accomplishments include founding Bevo Media in 2008, an ad exchange and tracking platform.

Bevo Media launched as a multi-marketing platform that offered buyers a system to purchase and sell traffic based on performance parameters. At the time, Bevo Media was the most robust ad exchange and tracking platform, which later went into acquisition in 2015.

Since then, Ryan Bukevicz has remained active in different strategizing and promotional activities. He continues to venture into new startups and explore different methods to build distinct marketing campaigns. These will help boost and track sales on the Internet, as well as on mobile applications.

As a talented athlete, he was a two-sport Division 1 athlete at Syracuse University, where he excelled in football. He also received the 'Entrepreneur of the Year' Award at Syracuse University.

Ryan Bukevicz on Starting His Career

Ryan Bukevicz always had his eye on the different ways one could explore online opportunities. At a young age, he was aware of the untapped potential of the internet. This forward-thinking mindset allowed him to launch his email submission system at the age of 14.

Since then, Ryan Bukevicz never looked back. He continues to look ahead as he works his way towards building better online marketing and tracking channels.

Ryan Bukevicz Present Activities

Ryan Bukevicz is excited to see how the marketing industry is booming with new opportunities. This has led to new prospects attempting to profit from online ventures.

He makes investments in several e-commerce projects and foresees new opportunities to grow and expand his business.

On Making Money

Ryan Bukevicz is a strong advocate for using advanced techniques and innovation. He also emphasizes on starting the business with objectives in mind. This should always be the driving force, not how much money you intend to make.

He says that a company with a robust online marketing platform can start making profits in days, whereas companies with an unorganized website can take up to a few years.

He urges newcomers to develop distinct ways to monetize the sales funnel. According to him, they should look out for different data monetization options that will eventually help them generate greater revenue in short time spans.

On Getting Your Customers

Ryan Bukevicz believes that the product plays a pivotal role in acquiring new clients. If you start with a product that's new in the market, you'll be able to reach users who are searching for an item that suits their need, i.e. the product you've developed.

If the product is standard, the focus should be on utilizing a different platform to attract your buyers and place your advertisements. You shouldn't spend too much time explaining a conventional or familiar product to consumers. Instead, focus on the end sale and branding strategy.

The Secret to Success

There is no doubt that Ryan Bukevicz is one of the few people who triumphed when it came to building multiple successful business ventures. Not to mention, he continues to help in developing stable e-commerce startups to date.

Ryan Bukevicz believes that his secret to success has been his grit, a firm resolve to remain committed to his business objectives. He explains that he puts in maximum effort and relentlessly pursues new ideas to boost his business.

He advises young entrepreneurs and startup developers to define their objectives and use them as guidelines to accomplish business goals.


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