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Ryan Bukevicz Steps Up with Much-Needed Donation to Feed Struggling Children in Central America

Donations Welcome at Hope Bilingual Academy, Nicaragua

MANAUS, Nicaragua, Sept. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Hope Bilingual Academy is a non-profit school in Nicaragua that started its journey with 22 children. The first set of kids were sponsored by school founder Patricia Shronce, who moved to the Central American country full time after cashing in her 401K prematurely at 49 years of age. The number of kids enrolled has grown steadily over the years, thanks to many parents expressing their desire to let their kids attend the school. The attendance is now 63, which may not be a massive jump from the initial batch. However, that's because the teachers and resources available aren't sufficient enough to justify a major increase in batch strength. 

School purpose and mission
The Hope Bilingual Academy is offering computer-based, no-cost bilingual education to rural Nicaraguan kids. The long-term objective is to instill hope and values into the kids so that they are well-equipped for a stronger and brighter future. The school was started with the mission to educate Nicaraguan kids at standards that match global education norms. The Academy's programs let students develop moral values while learning to write, read, and do lots more. Hope helps children become good students, good citizens, and respect-worthy individuals on the whole.

The school is open for admission to both Nicaraguans and kids from other regions, irrespective of their economic or financial status and their mental and physical abilities. Zero-cost education has not just changed the lives of these kids, but also the outlook of their families and the community toward life.

Over the last six years, the kids at the Hope Bilingual Academy have grown and matured well. Some have been able to use the education received at the Academy as a base for higher education with several graduates having landed solid jobs that support their families. Traditionally, girls within the rural Nicaraguan culture framework have been confined to household chores, such as washing clothes and cooking.

In the last few years, however, there has been a visible transformation in the local culture. Girls are now aspiring to become doctors, engineers, and everything else they could imagine of. These kids are not just dreaming of a better life - they are "dreaming" for the first time. Hope isn't just fostering this change, but also helping transform dreams into realities.

At Hope Bilingual Academy Nicaragua, help is welcome.
Hope welcomes volunteers to sponsor a child and make a positive impact. There are several ways you could help the academy succeed in offering a fresh lease of life for these kids through various assistance programs. The best, as well as the most effective way, is to sponsor a kid for a year. In other words, donate $180 and help the child cover everything there is to his/her wholesome education, including uniforms, tuition, materials, and supplies.

There are families in Nicaragua with multiple kids and only one working adult. And since the earnings are weekly and minimum wage, such families are usually not able to fund the education of all the kids. In such circumstances, parents usually send only one kid to school or send none. Your sponsorship would help these struggling parents send their other kids to school.

The Hope Bilingual Academy school website has all the information regarding donation, including details of individual kids who are awaiting sponsorship. You may choose to sponsor any kid from the names given. If you are feeling generous, you can sponsor multiple kids too. The goal is not to have maximum sponsors on board, but to cover the education expenses of all kids as quickly as possible.

The funds received will also be used for opening a carpentry shop, tailoring shop, computer repair shop, etc. Food is also in shortage. In fact, kids are surviving on only one meal a day. Patricia and her team are not able to manage all these expenses by themselves, which is why donations are highly welcome.

Hope Bilingual Academy
Phone: +505 8533 8670



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