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Ryanair's attempt to troll British Airways' after Dusseldorf flight lands in Edinburgh backfires

Will Metcalfe
Ryanair’s dig at British Airways after the airline accidentally flew passengers bound for Dusseldorf to Edinburgh backfired after hundreds of Twitter users pointed out the firm was in no position to judge. (Twitter)

Ryanair’s attempt to poke fun of a British Airways blunder that saw a plane bound for Dusseldorf land in Edinburgh has backfired.

The firm’s social media team posted to its official Twitter account offering BA a ‘present’ – an image of the cover of Geography for Dummies.

But Twitter users made a number of suggestions of books Ryanair could read, including “Customer Service for Dummies”.

The joke was made after British Airways used the wrong flight plan on Monday, leaving passengers hundreds of miles from their anticipated destination.

Ryanair has been accused of a Twitter fail after its joke at British Airways’ expense backfired. Stock image (PA)

Ryanair trolled BA in a tweet that afternoon with the suggested reading material but the firm was again named the UK’s least-popular short-haul airline.

BA replied to the tweet saying: “No-one is perfect”.

Twitter users quickly came back with book suggestions lampooning the low-cost airline, including “Employment Law for Dummies”.

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In 2018 Ryanair was forced to cancel hundreds of flights after strike action by pilots and staff who were complaining about conditions.

The strikes caused disruption for tens of thousands of passengers.

In December 2018 the Civil Aviation Authority began legal action against Ryanair after it refused to pay compensation to passengers over the cancelled and delayed flights.

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