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S&P 500 at 2,000, Burger King surges, GrubHub delivers more shares

Time for your daily dose of Trending Tickers, the stocks that you're tracking as measured by Yahoo Finance ticker searches. Making the list today:

Burger King (BKW) - up a regal 15% on word that it's in talks to purchase Canadian donut chain Tim Hortons (THI). Investors are excited less about the carb synergy and more about the potential tax savings "BK" could realize by moving north. It's the first major so-called inversion deal since President Obama vowed to squash what he called "corporate deserters" last month. DC may object to this merger, but BK's  majority owner is actually a Brazilian billionaire, and the restaurants themselves are franchised. That gives the POTUS much less leverage than he had when he whacked Walgreen's (WG) inversion plans a few weeks back.

GrubHub (GRUB) - making headlines in a bad way today. The online restaurant delivery site down as much as 5% in early trading on news that it filed to put 10 million new shares on the market in a secondary offering. Investors are having a hard time digesting the idea that nearly 9 million of those shares are coming from existing holders, meaning GrubHub itself will collect little more than tip money on the deal.

The S&P 500 (^GSPC) - hitting 2,000 for the first time in history. It was March of 2009 when the stock index for grown-ups hit an intraday low of 666 and the ensuing five years have been nothing short of hellish for bears. Regardless of how the market got here, stock prices are the final judge of right and wrong. Whatever the S&P 500 "should" be doing what's actually happening is a new record high. Grouse all you want but short it at your peril.

Those are your Trending Tickers today. Keep an eye out for a more in depth discussion of S&P 550 at 2,000. Tell us what stocks you're watching on Twitter using the hashtag #TrendingTickers

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