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SwiftKey review

SwiftKey replaces your default Android keyboard with a fast and responsive alternative that comes with a highly effective autocorrect feature and smart next-word predictions, as well as over 30 different themes (some paid) and multiple layout and docking options, depending on your screen size and preferences.


Great design, great performance: Visually pleasing and fluent, SwiftKey installs quickly and requires only a minimal setup before putting at your fingertips a swift and intelligent keyboard that can type in up to three different languages at the same time. Extensive language support, prompt suggestions, and cloud integration for syncing your writing style across devices make this app truly outstanding.

Helps you type faster while minimizing errors: SwiftKey significantly improves your Android typing experience through its highly responsive keyboard, swiping support for stringing long words more quickly, and smart auto-correct with improved swiftness and accuracy. And the best part is that the more you use it, the better the predictions get, making this app a must-have for chatting enthusiasts; there's even emoji prediction, which matches your words.

Keyboard docking and tweaking: No other third-party keyboard app we've come across so far enables you to change the keyboard layout with two taps, regardless of the theme you use; switch between full, compact, and a thumb-friendly option, which basically splits the keyboard in two halves linked by the spacebar. Also, with two taps you can resize the keyboard (5 sizes to choose from) and undock it to move it anywhere on the screen, a feature especially useful for large-screen tablets.


Takes a bit of time getting used to: Before SwiftKey can really help you type faster and with fewer errors, you need to get used to accessing punctuation marks by long tapping the full stop button or to the novel figures layout with numbers and math symbols separated by navigational arrows into two tabs.

Advanced personalization entails personal data sharing: To get the best possible predictions, you have to let SwiftKey learn your writing style by analyzing your sent emails and social posts.

Bottom Line

With its excellent autocorrect and next-word prediction features, beautiful, customizable design, and stellar performance, SwiftKey stands out as arguably the best third-party keyboard on Google Play. The fact that it's free makes it an almost irresistible download. Want to type faster and with fewer errors? Then grab this app now.

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