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SA BIRTH unveils a luxurious 20.20 carat piece of jewelry in celebration of the impending arrival of the year 2020

Other items in the lineup include accessories for daily use and special occasions

SA BIRTH GINZA × Hello Kitty tie up to co-create jewelry

TOKYO, Dec. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- SA BIRTH Co., Ltd., located in Minato-ku, Tokyo, is a company under the International Diamond Jeweler UCHIHARA GROUP. The group celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2020. The company's president is Ichiro Uchihara. To commemorate the event, SA BIRTH is launching a lineup of jewelry items in collaboration with Sanrio's "Hello Kitty". Pre-orders can be placed starting from Thursday, 21 November while a pre-sale will commence on Friday, 3 January 2020, both at SA BIRTH's main shop in Ginza.

Platinum /K18 diamond pendant (brooch) front and back

The jewelry co-created by the two entities targets "mature, beautiful women, who are not bound by their age" as well "women who want to look gorgeous at all times". The jewelry pieces are bedecked with diamonds to further enhance their appeal to the target audience. This is a special event for Hello Kitty as well, as the brand celebrated its 45th anniversary this year.

Platinum /K18 diamond pendant (brooch)

- Jewelry co-created by SA BIRTH GINZA × Hello Kitty

The lineup includes 5 pieces, from accessories for daily use including a set consisting of a pendant, ring and ear cuff with the motif of Hello Kitty's symbolic bow and a pendant with the silhouette of Hello Kitty, to the special luxurious all-diamond (20.20 carat) piece of jewelry priced at 20.20 million yen.

Pre-order: From Thursday 21 November 2019 at SA BIRTH's main shop in Ginza

Pre-sale: From Friday 3 January 2020 at SA BIRTH's main shop in Ginza

- All other SA BIRTH GINZA retailers in Japan will start stocking these items in late January.

- Platinum /K18 diamond pendant (brooch)

The pendant, entirely made of diamonds, targets "mature, beautiful women, who are not bound by their age" as well as "women who want to look gorgeous at all times".

- Special and luxurious jewelry to celebrate the arrival of the year 2020

  • The diamonds used for this pendant are 20.20 carat. The bow is mounted with a large quality diamond (2.02ct) from Southern Africa.
  • Hello Kitty's apparel is engraved with a logo of SA BIRTH GINZA and the number 2020.
  • Hello Kitty's posture is purposefully energetic, as the famous feline confidently steps forward into the new year 2020.

- Masterpiece by highly-skilled Japanese craftsmen

  • The body of Hello Kitty is entirely bedecked with diamonds, using a technique called pave setting. You can see another image of Hello Kitty on the back of the pendant top.
  • The chain is some 70cm in length and is adjustable to suit your personal style. The pendant at the top of the chain, which can also double as a brooch, is approx. 7 cm X 5 cm in size.

Material: Platinum/K18 yellow gold and pink gold

Eyes and whiskers - Platinum rhodium plating

Bow - Platinum UV curing color processing

Price: 20.20 million yen

Lot: 1 piece

Platinum diamond pendant, ring

- Platinum diamond pendant

This petite pendant is a silhouette of Hello Kitty, complete with a shiny diamond.

Material: Platinum

Price: 98,000yen

Lot: 100 pieces

- Platinum diamond pendant, ring and ear cuff

The 3-piece set consisting of a pendant, ring and ear cuff, comes with Hello Kitty's symbolic bow as a motif. We are prepared to sell each piece separately.

Material: Platinum

Price: 125,000 yen each

Lot: 30 sets

- All prices are exclusive of VAT.
- The product designs are still to be finalized.



HP: https://www.sabirthginza.com/en/


For women who want to look gorgeous at all times – The true beauty of diamonds from SA BIRTH GINZA 

SA BIRTH GINZA, a diamond jeweler in Ginza, was established on 20 October 2018 out of our passion to make beautiful, high-quality accessories from SA BIRTH available to shoppers with the mission of letting every woman shine.
The theme of the brand is the word "Universe", which, for us, signifies the blessing of the wonderful nature that surrounds us and the beauty of life, while our products represent the beauty of nature that surrounds and envelops us every day. These accessories are dedicated to all women in the modern age with busy schedules, to give them a boost with the natural energy from Mother Earth and add the sparkle that keeps them shining.

SA BIRTH's ethical diamond

SA BIRTH Co., Ltd., located in Minato-ku, Tokyo, is a company under the International Diamond Jeweler UCHIHARA GROUP. The group celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2020. The company's president is Ichiro Uchihara.  

- The world's most beautiful diamond from southern Africa
Southern Africa, which encompasses South Africa, Botswana and Lesotho, is often referred to as the holy ground for diamonds, and has long been known for its large, high-quality natural diamonds. SA BIRTH succeeds in creating and delivering the world's most beautiful and clearest pieces of jewelry by specifically choosing diamonds that come from this region. We take special care in handpicking the shiniest stones according to Japan's stringent quality standards.

- Ethical, clean, natural diamonds
Our diamonds are mined and traded through an ethical process in Southern Africa. Furthermore, we contribute to the betterment of the education, medical services and quality of life quality in the area by hiring a number of local residents, including the polishing experts who work in the modern factories we have located there.

- Provenance and traceability
All our diamonds, each of which exceed 0.17ct, are natural, ethical stones that are carefully selected from what is available in Southern Africa, the holy ground for diamonds. Their provenance and traceability are publicized to all. We have a strict production management system, by laser-engraving a serial number on the girdle under the diamond.

- Jewelry that meets Japan's stringent standards
We strive to achieve best-in-quality when it comes to the design and production of the final jewelry pieces. We exercise utmost care and allow no compromise in the process, with the goal of satisfying our demanding customers in Japan. We take pride in the impeccable finishing, thanks to our superbly skilled Japanese craftsmen. Our accessories are comfortable to wear: the ring slides smoothly onto your finger, while the necklace feels perfectly smooth when lying against your skin.

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