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Safeco receives investment from Biomedix

SafeCode Drug Technologies that Israeli's Biomedix has agreed to fund and purchase SAFC shares at 15c cents per share. Biomedix currently holds $200,000 USD worth of SafeCode Drug Technologies shares on its books.Concurrently, SAFC has previously announced that the share Buyback Program, which was authorized by the Board Of Directors, will commence during the month of January 2013 and is expected to last approximately 1-3 months. The shares will be returned to the Treasury of the Company to be used for further issuances for future acquisitions of companies or technology applications in the medical industry. Funding for the acquisition of the shares will be subject to financing from third parties. Under the program approved by the BOD, SafeCode Drug Technologies Corp is authorized to repurchase up to 1M of its outstanding shares of common stock at a price up to 20c per share on the open market.