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Safety Razor Shave Club Offers the One Dollar per Month Shave Consumers Never Got From Other Shave Clubs

The Wet Shaving Club is offering one year of safety razor shaving for only $12. Other shave clubs promised the one dollar per month shave. The Wet Shaving Club is actually delivering it -- including shipping.

RICHARDSON, Texas, Sept. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Wet Shaving Club is launching its "We Never Got Our Dollar Shave" campaign.

The first 500 hundred customers will get one year's worth of shaving with a premium safety razor for $12. That equates to one dollar per month — the one dollar per month shave they were promised but never received.

The Wet Shaving Club is happy to fulfill the promise of that "one dollar per month shave" that other shave clubs never delivered. For the first 500 customers to take advantage of the deal, the Wet Shaving Club is offering its customers a premium safety razor and a one year supply of safety razor blades for only $12.00. Shipping is free! That equates to $1 per month for one year of shaving.

"Unfortunately, we are not witty enough to come up with a cool video that is going to go viral," said Robert with The Wet Shaving Club, "but we are dumb enough to deliver the offering that customers were promised but never received from other shave clubs. We will give consumers the one dollar per month shave! Sure, another shave club sold their razor blade cartridges for $1, but then they charged $2 for shipping. So the customer paid $3. A great deal, but not really the 'one dollar per month shave' they thought they were getting."

While the "we never got our dollar shave" campaign is limited to the first 500 customers, it is possible that The Wet Shaving Club will continue the offer.

"This deal is limited to the first 500 customers, for now," said Robert. After that, we might extend the offer. It depends on how well we can squeeze our suppliers so that we don't lose money on every sale! But even when this promotion ends, our everyday price for this deal is $24. That equates to $2 per month, which is currently 50% cheaper than the lowest-priced offering at the cartridge razor shave clubs.

The Wet Shaving Club came on the scene in 2019, offering its customers the safety razor and wet shave experience at prices that are cheaper than the leading cartridge razor offerings. For more information about the Wet Shaving Club, please visit https://wetshavingclub.com.

To be one of the 500 customers to take advantage of the one-year safety razor package for $12, go to https://wetshavingclub.com/one-year-safety-razor-package today.

To find out how we calculate a one year supply of razor blades visit:


To find out more about these claims, please visit the link below and to get further details on why we say that nobody ever got that "dollar shave" (until now, of course), click here: https://wetshavingclub.com/never-got-to-shave-for-1

Press Contact: Email man@wetshavingclub.com

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Never Got Our One Dollar Per Month Shave

Never Got Our One Dollar Per Month Shave


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