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SageVestKids.com helps to shape children’s financial lives


Ahead of financial literacy month in April, SageVest Wealth Management is excited to announce the launch of SageVestKids.com, an online resource for parents to promote financial literacy for children and their families.

The site uniquely blends developmental overviews with age-appropriate financial skills and activities. Parents can find tips, tools and resources, including hundreds of free activities, to help their children succeed and grow up to be financially independent and responsible adults.

“SageVest appreciates the importance of family-focused financial planning, including educating the next generation. Our new site allows us to provide essential financial educational tools, regardless of economic advantage. SageVestKids.com reflects our company’s strong commitment to the financial wellbeing of all families,” says Jennifer Myers, CFP®, President of SageVest Wealth Management.

A financial education can’t simply be taught in a classroom – it begins at home and is learned over a lifetime. SageVestKids.com addresses topics like the basics of budgeting and saving, age-appropriate chores and allowances, and more complicated money management issues such as college costs, debt and philanthropy.

Data shows that only 57 percent of adults in the U.S. are financially literate, and the foundation of financial learning lies in childhood. Developing a healthy money attitude can encourage self-confidence, reduce stress, promote healthier relationships and encourage financial freedom in the future. These are achievements that every parent wishes for their children,” says Myers.

The site focuses on helping the next generation to become more financially savvy and learn through real life experiences with the help of positive financial role models. To learn more, visit SageVestKids.com.

About SageVest Wealth Management

SageVest Wealth Management, located in McLean, Va., provides comprehensive investment and wealth management services to individuals, families, trusts, and small businesses. SageVest Kids is the family-focused arm of SageVest Wealth Management.

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