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Sagittarius daily horoscope

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Saturday 21, September

The Moon is in your opposite sign for a good chunk of the weekend, Sagittarius - this means it's time to take it WAY easy if you can. Limit your plans and just hang out doing whatever feels good. Self-care should be your number one priority or you might accidentally take your stress out on your significant other.

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Friday 20, September

The Moon is in your opposite sign today, which is another way of saying it's your low-energy phase, Sagi bb. Forgive yourself if you're tired and want to take it super easy. You might even request to work from home - or just entirely play hooky from work. Rest easy and practice self-care.

Thursday 19, September

Action star Mars and transformational Pluto are dancing close today, and although the angle they're making is a positive one, it can feel INTENSE as all get out. This might affect you most in your financial and career realms, Sagittarius. You can handle anything that comes your way even if you feel like you can't.

Wednesday 18, September

Saturn has been retrograde since April, and it's had a direct impact on your financial situation, Sagittarius. If you had to pause an important project or financial decision, it should begin to clear up after today. The answers are right there in front of you - and the obstacles are dissolving.

Tuesday 17, September

With the Moon in Taurus today, you're all about work, work, and more work. This will continue through the next few days, so prepare to master your to-do list and then some, Sagi luv. Just make sure not to skimp on self-care, because your house of work is also your house of wellness.

Monday 16, September

The Moon is in Aries, your sister fire sign, for one more day. There couldn't be a better way to start the week, Sagi bb. It's all about pursuing what makes your heart sing on this passionate Monday. Your creativity is at an all-time-high for the month, so use it before you lose it.

Sunday 15, September

The Moon moves into your romance and pleasure zone today, Sagi. You've got every reason to pursue your heart's desire now. The only pitfall is a cautionary warning from Saturn, asking you to check your bank balance before blowing through your funds. You love to live beyond your means but it catches up to you.

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