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Sagittarius daily horoscope

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Saturday 18, January

The Moon is asking you to take a break from the world, Sagi. You have full cosmic permission to retreat, relax and kick back into your favourite form of escape. Your soul needs to take priority at the moment. You can get back to socializing tomorrow. This is your day to focus inward.

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Friday 17, January

Today's lunar influence is excellent for writing and speaking breakthroughs. Trust your most eccentric and intense impulses as they could quickly take you to the edge of genius. There's so much insight streaming through at mind-blowing speed. You'll likely have to write it down so you don't lose the ideas.

Thursday 16, January

You're entering your peak brilliance on the communication front, Sagi. Use this time to focus on writing projects, speaking gigs and and all other forms of getting your message out there. It's an excellent influence for being more experimental as well. Don't worry about making mistakes, just dare to break the rules a bit.

Wednesday 15, January

The Moon is changing signs later this evening but first things first. Your career goals are at the top of your mind, quickly followed by your long-range plans and potential future collaborations. You love to surround yourself with people who really get your vision and even better - those who bring enthusiasm to the mix.

Tuesday 14, January

The Moon lights up the very top of your chart hitting your career zone today, Sagi. This bodes excellently for broad recognition and reminds you to focus on your bigger goals. How would you like to be seen by the public at large? Are you happy with your image and current status?

Monday 13, January

The Moon lights up your favourite zone, your house of travel and higher consciousness. This gives you the green light for all kinds of inspiration and adventure. The only caveat is that another part of you has the desire to stay closer to home. In fact, that desire is only going to stronger over the next few weeks.

Sunday 12, January

As somber Saturn moves into his exact conjunction with transformational Pluto today, your money zone gets an intense wakeup call from the universe. It's all about what you truly value and what you feel like you're worth, Sagittarius. Think big numbers, and make sure your work has mega-meaning.

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