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Sail Around On Hammacher Schlemmer's Hot Tub Boat

Megan Willett

This is The Hot Tub Boat from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Why We Love It: Engineered and built in Seattle, the hull of this 16-foot boat is handcrafted from African teak. The entire hot tub measures eight feet long, and can hold up to 2,100 pounds of water and six adult bathers. The diesel-powered boiler heats the tub to a maximum of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and comes with an adjustable thermostat. There's also a waterproof stereo system to play music from your MP3 player while you sail along, as well as four ice chests built into the deck and a teak swim-step to allow for easy entry to and from the water.

The boat is powered by a 24-volt electric motor and can travel at top speeds of 5 mph. It is steered by a joystick on the starboard side and has a rechargeable battery bank that provides 10 hours of power from one overnight charge.



Where To Buy: Available through Hammacher Schlemmer.

Cost: $42,000.

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