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Sales Tax Holidays in 2020

Sales tax holidays offer a great way to save money on back-to-school supplies, emergency preparedness kits, energy-saving appliance, and even hunting gear. Let's say you live in Norfolk, Va., and you're getting ready for the 2020 hurricane season. You have your eye on a portable home generator that costs $1,000 at the local hardware store. If you buy the generator in June, you'll pay an additional $60 in sales tax. But if you wait until August 7 to 9, when Virginia is having a tax-free weekend, you won't pay any sales tax at all. It's that easy!

Sixteen states have one or more sales tax holidays in 2020. If you plan your shopping around these tax-free periods, you can save big bucks on a wide range of items you're probably going to buy anyway. The dates for these no-tax holidays are scattered throughout the year. However, they typically fall on a weekend, but in some cases go on for an entire week. Here's a peek at the 16 states that offer sales tax holidays, as well as the products that qualify in each state. Unless otherwise noted, the exemptions cover both state and local sales taxes.

Sales tax rates and averaged combined state and local sales tax rates are from the Tax Foundation as of January 1, 2020