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Sam Circle Sets Up i4 Center in Detroit, Michigan

DETROIT, Jan. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Sam Circle has set up India International Innovation Institute (i4) to co create & commercialize venture development program with partner universities and healthcare systems in USA. It currently has 14 institutional partners & plans to expand this to 100 universities & healthcare systems in the next 10 years.  i4 acts as a collaborative exchange engaged in monetization of R&D from US universities and healthcare systems. The collective i4 ecosystem currently has 100,000 students and 10,000 faculty members with an opportunity to participate in program, projects, and partnerships for research, training & commercialization. i4 present portfolio will provide US institutional partners more than $ 400 million in revenue in next 20 years, thereby help create  employment opportunities around their local communities

I4 has specific focus on creating a connected network of habitat, humans and health and is engaged in inter disciplinary research to find a cure for some of pressing healthcare problems like cancer care, diabetes, infectious diseases & virtual healthcare using technological innovation around AI, machine learning, data analytics & block chain. The US healthcare cost of $ 3.5 trillion, is highest in the world at 17.9% of the GDP and I4 is working in co developing digital tools for remote medical management & consultation through frugal innovations from India to bring some of the cost efficiencies to US healthcare systems.

Amber Malhotra, President of i4 and founder CEO of Sam Circle said, "i4 is set up in context to a connected world.  Historically the US university systems, the academic and research co existed with strong industry connect. This fueled innovation leading to manufacturing. But in the changing world scenario where technology is disrupting traditional business models, the opportunity is to collaborate & leverage the strong innovation ecosystem to export knowledge across the world and generate additional revenue."

I4 has started the initiative Detriot2Delhi with an aim to generate 50 additional jobs every year in Michigan by leveraging strong innovation and research ecosystem around medical & mobility. Detriot2Delhi is also providing startups in the region an opportunity to make their innovations accessible to a billion plus consumer market in India and is currently working with four such companies.

Sam Circle is a venture development firm working with US universities and healthcare systems to monetize their IP by co developing and commercializing solutions in partnership with capital & operating partners. The focus is housing, healthcare, higher education, energy & mobility


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