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Samantha Bee Breaks Down Why She's So Disappointed With John Kelly

Lee Moran

Samantha Bee feels very let down by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “Full Frontal,” the host explained how most Americans had hoped Kelly would rein in the wildest excesses of President Donald Trump and his administration. Kelly was supposed to be “the adult in the room,” said Bee.

But in light of Kelly’s revisionist comments about the Civil War earlier this week, Bee said she couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

“John Kelly, how could you talk like this?” Bee asked. “You were supposed to be the one we didn’t have to watch like a hawk. You were supposed to be the hawk.”

Still, Bee said she shouldn’t have been so surprised by Kelly’s about-face because the signs that he was “a racist dickbag” were always there. Then, she broke down exactly what those indicators were.

Check out the full segment above.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.