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Samantha Bee Uses Sean Hannity's Own Tactics Against Him In Brutal Takedown

Samantha Beewent full conspiracy theorist as she delivered a savage takedown ofFox NewshostSean Hannityon Wednesday’s broadcast of “Full Frontal.”

Hannity has faced widespread criticism this week following the courtroom revelation that he was the “mystery” client of PresidentDonald Trump’spersonal attorneyMichael Cohen, who’s now at the center ofa federal probe.

In light of the news, Bee decided to channel Hannity’s presenting style and came up with her own spoof theory about the Fox News host.

“His whole show is just an hour-long list of lies and conspiracy theories, but people think it’s news because he doesn’t sweat as much as Alex Jones and because he’s on a channel that calls itself news,” said Bee.

“So yeah, the deceitful editing to reach an outrageous conclusion? We’re going to keep doing that,” she added.

Check out Bee’s “theory” in the full clip above.

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