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Sami Juneja Is a Veteran Mortgage Agent With a One Stop Shop for His Clients Financial Service Needs

·4 min read

TORONTO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 23, 2020 / The stark reality of the mortgage industry is that most people tend to avoid working with mortgage brokers because they think that their fees could end up outrageous. Instead, many unsuspecting investors or regular Joe home buyers are led to work out their mortgages with big financial institutions, usually because the financial institutions have strategic marketing strategies and are backed by millions of marketing dollars.

The truth is that these institutions work for their shareholders and to increase the value of their brand and meet their financial goals for the quarter. In many cases, a lot of Canadians are given a secondary standing by the financial institutions when considering the mortgage that suits them best, and will often be turned away if they don't fit the institution's ‘appetite'. In fact, it's the mortgage agents that work for you and provide you with options within a larger tool belt to get you the best bang-for-your-buck with long term mortgage solutions and financial advice. This is what Sami Juneja swears by.

Sami Juneja is a wizard in alternative lending, and recently a founder of The Juneja Group, a financing firm in Ontario. He says of the firm "We focus on alternative lending for those who cannot be approved by the bank. Self employed, bruised credit and private mortgages. There are a lot of Canadians struggling to find solutions to their money problems which translate over into their personal lives and often not in the best way- we want clients and their families to stay away from that. During the most unprecedented times we see families grow together and people making positive changes in their lives once they think beyond the struggles of monthly expenditures and the mental "shot-clock" of their next pay cheque. Our firm pushes the envelope in favor of middle-class families who are not getting the support from their primary financial institution. I think many institutions are stagnant in their understanding of consumer finances."

He adds that, "Canada has done a great job of bringing in well-educated and hard working immigrants into the country. That coupled with small and medium sized Canadian businesses will help bring the economy back to a great standing as it always has in the past. We want to support these groups of people as they are an integral part of the strength of our economy. Once policies and practices are put in place which cater to the unique situations of ALL clients we will see the economy climb back to a stronger financial position and lower overall debt levels. Canadian policies in place have been astounding in many ways thus far in mitigating mortgage default ratios and enforcement of legal action to homeowners."

Sami further explains that "Education of the overall terms and conditions of a mortgage contract are far more important than the rate to which many finance institutions will highlight. Banks can have HUGE penalties to break or change their mortgage product. About 65% of all mortgage contracts are broken for some reason such as separation, job loss, relocation, changes in one's life - and oftentimes not for the better. It should be discussed how these low rates are coupled with gargantuan penalties."

Really, what separates big financial institutions from quality mortgage agents is that the agents have access to different lending options and various partners for your financial needs, this makes The Juneja Group and Sami a one stop shop for a number of financial services. "We work cohesively with other partners, involved in the entire way of the real estate and corporate financial ecosystem including realtors, lawyers, accountants, commercial banking teams, and so on" he says.

"We help people to not be financially burdened. Our goal is to provide additional resources to people so that their time and money is put to use in an efficient manner. Finances are more about accountability and discipline than anything else. First and foremost we encourage our clients to regularly interact with us so we can discuss their life changes. A financial plan should be built around the lifestyle of the client and not the other way around. Tax strategies, debt-restructuring, investments and asset allocation all come after the basics of discipline and budgeting." Sami concludes.

If that wasn't enough to convince you that you need Sami on your side in a financial fistfight with the current dangers and expenditures of pandemic life, consider also that their services are completely virtual.

Right now, the only thing standing between you and a painfully generic financial plan or bad advice is Sami Juneja, his fellows at The Juneja Group, iBridge Capital and their commitment to giving you the best possible financial services.

Learn more about Sami and what he can do to help address your various financial needs and wants.


Company: The Juneja Group - powered by iBridge Capital
Phone Number: +19056993097
Email: info@thejunejagroup.ca
Website: https://www.ibridgecapital.ca/

SOURCE: Variance Marketing

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