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Samsara Smart Luggage Presents Innovative Product Line That Disrupts Travel Cybercrime

NEW YORK, June 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- With the recent reports of hackers stealing personal data from airport charging stations, Samsara smart luggage announces that its product line keeps your tech products charged without compromising safety. The current model disrupts travel related cybercrime with a built-in power station that allows travelers a secure way to re-charge laptops and smart phones. The removable battery complies with aviation regulations allowing customers to carry-on or check-in luggage without hassle. 

Samsara safe and secure charging in airports

Samsara CEO, Atara Dzikowski says, "When a traveler utilizes a USB charging station at an airport, they are giving the port the same access to information as if they were plugging into their own laptop. As a laptop could retrieve data from your phone with ease, so can a hacked port. Samsara offers safe and secure charging solutions for all devices."

Numerous reports from local online news sites, Forbes, Fox and CNN have stated that "juice jacking" has become a common issue for travelers. According to new research released by IBM Security, the travel and transportation industry "which did not even make the top 5 list last year – moved to the second most attacked sector in 2018, with attempted attacks increasing three-fold since the year prior."           

Samsara offers many safety features for the tech savvy traveler. The smart luggage company has created a technology that allows customers to receive real-time notifications via a phone app that alerts the travelers when the suitcase is opened or out of range. Partnered with the two-separate built in combination locks, this suitcase was made to give travelers the peace of mind they need to enjoy their travels, whether for work or pleasure.       

Built with aviation-grade aluminum, Samsara's smart luggage is not only durable and fireproof, but also 20% lighter than any other aluminum case on the market today. The ergonomic design allows the luggage's flat-top surface to double as a mobile desk. Commensurate with the product's quality, this suitcase is recyclable for our environmentally conscientious travelers.      

Samsara continues to become one of the fastest growing smart luggage brands in the industry, always looking for ways to stay ahead of the tech curve. The smart luggage company continues invest in the development of new and innovative product lines with improved safety features. 

About Samsara Luggage:

Samsara Luggage recently signed a merger agreement with and Darkstar Ventures, Inc. (DAVC) DAVC.

Samsara is a leading travel and lifestyle brand that supplies innovative smart luggage to the global marketplace. Samsara builds brand value for its customers by combining cutting edge technology with unmatched quality and innovative design. Samsara Luggage is committed to providing products that are up to date with the latest technological advances for its tech-savvy customer base.  Samsara recently took its suitcases worldwide, launching a global sales initiative on Amazon. For more information visit www.samsaraluggage.com

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