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Samsung Smartphone Gets Run Over by Lawn Mower, Lives to Tell the Tale

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor
Yahoo Tech
Samsung phone after being struck by lawn mower


Last year Samsung introduced its “Active” Galaxy smartphone series, to be released as a durable option for each top-of-the-line S model. (The Galaxy S4 would get a Galaxy S4 Active, for example, which would feature similar specifications but more durability.) Samsung promised that the devices would be water-resistant, dust-resistant, and all-around rugged.

What we weren’t told is that they would be lawnmower-proof.

Turns out that one unsuspecting “tester,” whether he wanted to or not, trialed this feature for us, when he ran over his Galaxy S4 Active with his lawnmower. This is his –– and the phone’s –– story.

A redditor wrote about the tale, explaining that, while his buddy was listening to some tunes and giving his lawn its trim, his Galaxy S4 Active fell out of his pocket and found its way under the mower. Did it get banged up and cracked? Yep. But was it working perfectly and still playing the song he was jamming to when it dropped from his grips? Yep again.

See pictures of the resilient smartphone below.

Samsung phone after being struck by lawn mower

Coulda been worse. (yapinjapin1/reddit)

Samsung phone after being struck by lawn mower

You should see the other guy. (yapinjapin1/reddit)

“The phone was hit by the blade and took a slice out of the top right corner of the phone,” user yapinjapin1 wrote in the Android reddit thread. “The phone still is operational …. The screen has hairline cracks down the whole screen but they are not very visible when the phone is on.”

In this instance, Samsung’s Active really did live up to its trademark billing of being “whatever-proof.” And to express how impressive this survival story really is, here’s a video showing the remains of an iPhone 4 that suffered what the videographer describes as the same kind of lawnmower beating. (Spoiler: Apple’s device did not survive.)

Shaking my head, Apple. When will you make your iPhones lawnmower-proof??

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