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Samsung T5 2TB portable SSD is $210 off — the lowest price ever at Amazon

Chris Rierson

TL;DR: Buy the Samsung T5 portable SSD for only $269.99 at Amazon. That's a savings of $210 for a whopping 2TB of external storage you can access any time.

Back in the dark ages of personal computing, 2TB of storage was but a mythical unicorn out of reach for mere mortals, a pipe dream fantasy buried under a pile of detritus called "floppy disks." That was then, this is now. Welcome to the future where we have solved the data storage problem, even if we still don't have flying cars. 

Amazon now has the top-rated Samsung T5 portable SSD device on sale for 44% off — normally $479.99, that's a drop of $210 for the lowest price all year.  Read more...

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