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Samsung unveils new SmartThings equipment for the smart home

Samsung's SmartThings Cam, Wifi Smart Plug, and Smart Bulb.

Samsung's SmartThings product line is expanding with a new smart cam, plug, and bulb.

Samsung announced Monday that its SmartThings smart home device lineup has gained three new members: the SmartThings Cam, Wifi Smart Plug, and Smart Bulb.

SmartThings Cam

Samsung's new connected Cam brings users a full HD, wide-angle video feed directly to their smartphones so that they can monitor their homes while they're away. The device senses motion and has the ability to distinguish that made by humans from that made by pets or other moving objects like passing cars. Particular areas -- like nurseries, for example -- can be set to be under extra close surveillance; for these activity zones, owners will be sent notifications if any movement is detected.

Depending on which cloud storage plan users sign up for, up to eight cameras can be connected.

The SmartThings Cam retails for $89.99.

SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug

The Wifi Smart Plug can turn "nearly every lamp, small appliance or electronic device in the home" into a smart device. When connected to the plug, these products can be controlled by a voice assistant.

The SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug retails for $17.99.

SmartThings Smart Bulb

This smart bulb can be turned on, off, and dimmed using a voice assistant. Furthermore, users can set the lights to adjust at particular times based on their personal schedules.

The SmartThings Smart Bulb retails for $9.99.

All new SmartThings products are now available online and at select retailers in the US.