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Samsung VR Eduthon Is An Advanced Technology For Virtual Education

Samsung’s new venture could help ensure positive educational outcomes with the use of virtual reality technology.

Samsung is bringing virtual reality into the classroom to promote a better and more advanced way of learning for students via its latest venture, the VR Eduthon. On the whole, the technology uses a “seeing is believing” approach as an effective study method for students who get to experience their lessons with VR technology.

On Monday, Samsung took to its Newsroom to share what the VR Eduthon is about and how it facilitates optimum learning. According to the South Korea tech giant, this technology is made possible through the collaboration of Samsung Electronics Germany and Berlin-based schoolbook publisher Cornelsen. The primary goal of this collaboration is to provide students from seventh to ninth grade with a more practical and interesting educational environment.

Explaining how the VR Eduthon works, Samsung cited two learning setups: one in which a tester uses a tablet to read about a lesson on the digestive system and another setup that entails the use of Samsung’s Gear VR to show a tester a VR animation of the same lesson. Samsung held a testing event with these two setups to show how different it is to learn things via basic technology as compared to one that utilizes VR.

“Studying biology through the Gear VR was a very cool and new experience,” a tenth-grade participant in the event was quoted as saying by Samsung. “I’ve never tried anything like it before. It felt much easier and more fun to learn, and most of all, it was easy to understand and remember the content because I saw it with my own eyes. I want to use VR in my class to study as soon as possible!”

The VR Eduthon was developed with the help of teachers, VR developers, electronic-teaching-method specialists and other experts. Cornelsen CEO Mark van Mierle said he is very satisfied with what has become of the project. He also revealed that as the project moves forward, they wish to create more content that would be made available via actual education sites.

“Our goal is to develop a digital solution to enhance the quality of school education,” Samsung Electronics Germany’s Steffen Ganders said. “Revolutionary VR technologies can help us cover complex subjects easily. This is why we believe that VR will contribute true value to education going forward.”

The VR Eduthon is not the first project to use VR for educational purposes. As per Android Headlines, Google’s Expeditions VR program that was launched in May helped students know more about certain places all over the world. Prior to applying VR to the educational field, it was primarily associated with entertainment and gaming.

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