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San Diego Realtors at Americorp Financial & Realty Services Respond to Report Regarding Multiple Bids

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 23, 2013) -  The San Diego realtors at Americorp Financial & Realty Services have been helping clients sell their homes across San Diego County for more than 20 years. The firm also provides services that include helping clients purchase homes as well as assistance with regards to short sales and VA loans. The professionals at the firm have recently reviewed a news report regarding the percentage of properties in San Diego County that are garnering multiple bids when they are placed on the market and they would like to respond to the statistics contained in that report.

The report that was reviewed was published on August 16, 2013 in the San Diego Union-Tribune. It was entitled, "Are home bidding wars easing?" A full link to the article can be found here. The report stated that an online firm known as Redfin had reviewed statistics regarding the number of properties that had received multiple bids when they were sold in July and it found that approximately 70 percent of those properties had done so.

However, the article went on to state that this figure represented a drop by 12 percent from June, when 82 percent of real estate deals had garnered multiple bids. In addition, this figure of 70 percent also represented a drop by a factor of three percent from July of 2012, when 73 percent of properties had received multiple bids. The current national rate for properties receiving multiple bids stands at 63 percent.

Conversely, the article pointed out that home sales in San Diego County rose to a 7-year high in July as listings rose by a factor of 13 percent. In addition, the article stated that San Diego County remains the fourth most competitive real estate market in the United States, a level that it has held for several years based on the number of properties that receive multiple bids.

The team at Americorp Financial & Realty Services has seen this trend developing as well, and the firm would like to advise anyone who is thinking of placing his or her home on the market to make sure that he or she chooses wisely when it comes to choosing a San Diego real estate agent. Those who make the correct choice should expect to receive fair value for their home, but they need to be diligent in their decision process.

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Americorp Financial & Reality Services is a team of San Diego realtor professionals who help homeowners list and sell their homes across San Diego County. The team has been successfully selling homes since 1992 and Americorp Financial & Realty Services has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.