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San Jose fan gives his dog a Sharks makeover

(Photo by Rocky W. Widner/NHL/Getty Images)

Hockey fans have always been a passionate bunch, but this San Jose Sharks fan may have taken his fandom a little too far.

On opening night for the NHL’s 2017-18 season, a Sharks fan was photographed with his trusted poodle, which was completely decked out in San Jose colors. And as if the teal mohawk and furry boots weren’t enough, the poor thing had a makeshift Sharks logo emblazoned across its torso, hockey stick and all.

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Now, we can certainly understand this particular fan’s excitement. After a first-round exit from the 2017 playoffs, thanks to Connor McDavid and the Edmonton Oilers, Sharks fans have waited a long time to see their team back on the ice. But making your pet suffer through what we can only imagine would be hours of torture is perhaps taking things a little too far. After all, you can easily purchase an animal-friendly San Jose Sharks dog jersey online for a smooth $39.97 (with 20 percent off!). Not only would you spare your dog of the hours of pruning and hair dye, you’d likely spare yourself from the wrath of PETA as well.

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