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Santé Nou Launches a Sustainable Healthcare Solution to Benefit Both Travelers and Residents of Haiti

An innovative service that provides those traveling to Haiti access to emergency care while simultaneously allowing them to sponsor their loved ones residing in Haiti with access to primary care.

MIAMI, Aug. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Santé Nou Health, Inc., a US logistics company focused on improving healthcare in Haiti, is launching the Santé Nou service, a subscription based service that extends emergency care access to those traveling to Haiti, and primary care (beginning 2020) for loved ones residing in Haiti. The announcement serves as a service response to the current healthcare challenges facing travelers and residents of Haiti.

The Santé Nou service makes emergency care available to persons traveling to Haiti, while simultaneously linking the primary care needs of their families and loved ones residing in Haiti. The Santé Nou service brings peace of mind to travelers, especially when faced with unforeseen medical emergencies during their travels to Haiti. The primary care service extends to residents of Haiti access to a series of basic preventative and primary care services, including history, physical, clinical laboratory, diagnostic radiology, vaccinations, and basic medications.

"The primary care voucher will help loved ones receive access to preventative and primary care, which will improve their health and, when this happens, so will life expectancy in Haiti," said JP Michel, Chairman and CEO of Santé Nou Health. As a company, Santé Nou exists squarely to improve Haiti's human development index, which ranks currently at 168 out of 189 countries.  

When a US traveler subscribes to the emergency care service and becomes a main subscriber (or account holder), they will receive one free primary care voucher to sponsor family members to receive access to primary care throughout Haiti. In the end, both travelers and residents of Haiti alike will find peace of mind because of the Santé Nou service.

To learn more about how to sign up for the Santé Nou service, please visit their website www.santenouhealth.com or download the Santé Nou Smartphone App from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

About Santé Nou
Santé Nou is a US logistics company with a focus on healthcare in Haiti. To support their mission of raising Haiti's HDI, they are committed to putting their subscribers first. Offering a high quality emergency care service to travelers while simultaneously linking this service to the primary care needs of Haiti residents it is accelerating the human development throughout Haiti and for all Haitians.

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