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‘Saturday Night Live’ #TBT: ‘Baywatch’ With a Side of Therapy

Kelly Woo
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

The Baywatch movie comes out this weekend, bringing with it lingering shots of hot lifeguards and slow-mo running. Star Dwayne Johnson hosted the season finale of Saturday Night Live last week to promote the film, but SNL also had a Baywatch TV show-themed skit many years ago.

In a sketch from 1998, Frasier star Kelsey Grammer plays a new Baywatch director intent on wringing every bit of emotion out of the actresses. Sure, the scene is just about Todd being stuck on the jetty, but he wants to tap into deeper, darker feelings.

To Ana Gasteyer, Grammer points out Todd is like her father figure. “How do you feel about your real father?” he asks.

She starts to cry — her dad died when she was in college. Grammer pats her head, then yells to the crew, “Hose ‘em down!”

Next, it’s Molly Shannon’s turn to get some therapy, as Grammer prods her about feeling abandoned. And when she opens up about being left alone as a kid, the waterworks begin. And not just her tears. “Wet ‘em down!” Grammer yells.

Saturday Night Live is on hiatus until the fall.

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