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Satya Inc. Passes Oregon Health Authority Inspection for its Ashland Service Center and Announces Partnership with Myco-Method Facilitator Training Program

MEDFORD, OR / ACCESSWIRE / June 29, 2023 / Satya Inc. (the "Company") announces that the Oregon Health Authority ("OHA") indicated the Company passed its licensing inspection which took place on June 23rd in Ashland, Oregon.

Andreas Met--CEO and Co-Founder--said, "It's amazing: we found the perfect location and made a hard push to build out the facility. A supportive landlord, close coordination with the City of Ashland, and very hard work by the co-founders resulted in passing inspection in only twenty-two days."

The Company paid for the license on June 29 and expects the license to be issued within a week.

Mr. Met continued, "This puts us in the position to offer psilocybin services to clients in July. Our company philosophy is to offer psilocybin services that are reasonably priced and accessible to people of all backgrounds. Because we run our own licensed manufacturing facility, we're able to pass the low cost of psilocybin onward to our future clients as well."

Mr. Met concluded, "we're going to operate as a practicum site, which means that facilitators looking to complete their licensed training programs can be exposed to psilocybin-based sessions. We believe we will be one of the first licensed service centers in Oregon to be a practicum site and we hope to partner with many training programs throughout the State. We expect to see our first clients on July 17 at our ‘Soft Opening.'"

Partnership with Myco-Method Facilitator Training Program to Revolutionize Psilocybin Facilitation Training in Oregon

The Company is also excited to announce it has begun a close collaboration with Myco-Method, a trailblazing program of Saba Cooperative, approved by OHA to provide the 160-hours of training required for licensed psilocybin facilitators in Oregon.

This collaboration aims to redefine the landscape of Oregon training by introducing a comprehensive program that offers real-mushroom (psilocybin based) in-state practicum, self-paced options, and a unique reciprocity design with a mission to give access to individuals who cannot afford training and services. This strategic alliance also assists and supports Satya's "Soft Start" at its soon to be licensed service center in Ashland.

Further, Saba Cooperative also recognizes the diverse needs and learning preferences of students. In response, the program offers a self-paced option, allowing individuals to complete their training at their own speed. Whether students choose to engage in an accelerated experience or prefer a more gradual approach, Saba and Satya provide the flexibility and support needed for successful program completion. This approach accommodates advanced and dedicated students, who may complete the program in a few months, as well as those who prefer a longer journey.

"We are excited to collaborate with Satya for our residency and practicum components, as well as support their establishment of a safe, ethical, and socially responsible environment for transformation" said Shasta Winn, Program Director at Myco-Method and Founder of Saba. "Through this collaboration, we can provide our students with real-world experiences, personalized learning options, and a supportive community that empowers them to become skilled and compassionate facilitators."

Ms. Winn continued, "The Myco-Method training program combines scientific research, traditional wisdom, and ethical best practices to prepare students for the responsible and transformative facilitation of psilocybin sessions. With an emphasis on integrating ancient wisdom with modern science, the program equips students with the knowledge and tools necessary to facilitate safe and meaningful experiences."

Finally, Ms. Winn concluded, "Saba Cooperative remains dedicated to its pay-it-forward reciprocity program, ensuring that students facing financial constraints can still participate in the Myco-Method training. By fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility, Saba also creates opportunities for graduates to provide free facilitation services to at-risk, low-income, homeless, or otherwise marginalized groups."

Regarding this collaboration, Mr. Met commented "I enrolled in the Myco-Method program along with several other Satya co-founders. We expect to enter the State's licensing process by the end of July. This will personally allow us to begin working much earlier as licensed facilitators than if we had to be on long wait lists to be trained." Continuing, Mr. Met opined "Personally, the coursework is extremely informative, and Shasta's approach has been transformative to me in many ways. I can't think of a better system, a better way to provide training access to all people, and this is why the Company is so grateful for the strategic alliance."


Satya Inc. is a growth-oriented company focused on psilocybin-based opportunities that benefit from a diverse ecosystem and exceptional leadership. Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Medford, Oregon, the Company intends to become a global leader in the psychedelic treatment space.

For more information about Satya Inc. Contact:

Andreas Met, CEO
541-930-2478 or


Saba Cooperative is a 501c3 nonprofit itinerant spiritual organization dedicated to promoting ecological responsibility, education on interfaith mystical traditions, and the creation of socially sustainable communities. Saba Cooperative explores the interconnectedness of all life and honors the wisdom of diverse mystical traditions that transcend religious boundaries. Through educational programs, practical initiatives, and collaborative efforts, Saba empowers individuals and communities to foster personal growth, environmental stewardship, and holistic well-being.

To learn more about Saba Cooperative, its transformative training programs, and the exciting collaborations that enhance the learning experience, please visit

Shasta Winn
Saba Cooperative, Founder
Myco-Method, Program Director


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