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SAVAGERY Index: Dana White responds to Oscar De La Hoya, Athletics troll David Price

Dana White had a tremendous response to Oscar De La Hoya’s since-deleted tweet. (AP Photo/John Locher)

Welcome to the Yahoo Sports SAVAGERY Index, wherein we compile the burns, disses and slights from all over the sports spectrum and rate them with an easy-to-follow scale from Tim Duncan (milquetoast and inoffensive, almost to a fault) to Conor McGregor (ABSOLUTELY SAVAGE). 

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Alleged savagery: Dana White claps back at Oscar De La Hoya after deleted tweet

Dana White is not a man to be trifled with. He oversees a sport in which grown men are locked in a cage and either fight to the point of unconsciousness or surrender in many cases. Oscar De La Hoya had something to get off his chest and boy did he ever with a quickly deleted tweet slamming the spectacle that was Mayweather-McGregor in a ham-fisted attempt to pimp his own Canelo Alvarez-Gennady Golovkin mega-fight next month. And it probably did more harm than good. At any rate, White responded in kind, as only he can.

Dana White responded with a fiery tweet directed at Oscar De La Hoya.

Our rating: The line about substance abuse was savage enough before capping it with #OscarDeLaArum for maximum effect. This is a howling McGregor.

(Yahoo Sports)

Alleged savagery:  A’s deliver a “Price”-less Twitter burn

This past Saturday was Dennis Eckersley bobblehead day O.co Coliseum. A nice time to honor a Hall of Fame pitcher who notched the final out in your last World Series championship, right? Well, the A’s Twitter threw a little chin music at Red Sox ace David Price. In case you’re unfamiliar, Price has had something of a prickly relationship with local media this season and that even extends to the team’s traveling broadcast crew, which Eckersley is a part of. The two had a pretty well publicized dustup earlier in the season when Eckersley had the temerity to scoff at a poor performance — by someone not named David Price.

Our rating:  Given its subtlety and the geography of the teams involved, this one is right in the middle between at Belichick and a Draymond.

(Yahoo Sports)

Alleged savagery: Eddie George says Brady should make more money than Matt Stafford

Only a day after Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford signed a five-year, $135 million extension to become the highest paid play in the NFL history, former Tennessee Titans running back Eddie George had some things to say about the deal. When asked by TMZ, George simply said, “[Stafford] is 0-3 in the playoffs. Tom Brady has five Super Bowl rings. I think that money should go to Tom!” George isn’t wrong about the stats, but Brady chose to sign a two-year, $41 million deal to help the New England Patriots sign other players. George didn’t deny Stafford was a good player, just that his playoff numbers shouldn’t necessarily equate to a lucrative contract extension, especially not one that makes him the highest paid player.

Our rating: It’s not necessarily a #HotTake to think a five-time Super Bowl winner should make more money than a quarterback with a 51-58 record. It’s only fitting this is a Belichick.

(Yahoo Sports)

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