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Save $155 on the iPhone X plus $45 of free Airtime with Straight Talk

Leah Stodart

We've all been there: Stuck in the middle of a contract with a broken phone and no way to buy a new one — unless you want to pay full price, of course.

There are better ways to fix this than by perusing the Facebook Marketplace: Walmart wants to sell you the iPhone X for $155 off MSRP, and give you $45 of free Airtime with Straight Talk. That's cheaper than a refurbished one from Apple.

Just because the iPhone X was discontinued before its first birthday doesn't mean that it's any less valuable — it's the home button-less iPhone that walked so that the iPhone XS could run. The 64 GB model is still $899 at most places, and Walmart's $744 would only be buying you an iPhone 8 elsewhere.  Read more...

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