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Save 20 Percent on a ScotteVest With Enough Pockets for All Your Tech Gear (Deal of the Day)

Cell phone? Check. Keys? Got ‘em. Sunglasses? Yep. Wallet? Double yep. Chapstick, backup charger, tablet, headphones, change for the parking meter? Check to them all.

Sound familiar? Do you pat through your pockets as you run down this mental checklist on your way out the door? Those pockets are probably bulging so much you should just grab your bag. But what about grabbing a garment with better pockets, instead?

The SCOTTeVEST line of hoodies, pants, jackets, vests, and (yes) underwear is all about the awesome pockets. These clothes have dedicated pockets — distributed throughout the garments for optimal weight distribution — for everything from your keys to your tablet and headphones. The number of pockets depends on the garment, of course. But the stylish and warm Chloe Hoodie I wear (shown) makes it possible to forgo carrying a purse altogether. I can carry my phone and a tablet in that thing. And I always know where my headphones are because they weave cleverly through the lining to my phone pocket.

If you need more room to carry your stuff, I got you a deal: Use the code YAHOOSEV at SCOTTeVEST.com through December 31 and you’ll get 20% off all products (excluding outlet items, and this deal can’ be combined with other offers).

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