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Save Big on a Do-It-Yourself Smart Home/Security Kit (Deal of the Day)

Your house could probably be smarter, right? Maybe you want to control things when you’re away — to turn off appliances, adjust the thermostat, or unlock the doors when someone else arrives home without their keys? Or maybe it would just give you some peace of mind, when the kids are home alone, to be notified via smartphone if your house detects a fire or gas leak?

Home monitoring and automation systems are typically expensive or require significant skills to set up. LivSecure is hoping to solve both problems with its easy-to-follow self-install kit. You go online to pick the components you want and the monitoring service that suits you, wait for the parts to arrive, and then use the Easy Set Up guide to get it all set up.

Plans start at $35 a month, and there is usually a $100 activation fee. But, of course, I got you a deal: In the next 30 days, go to the LivSecure website and choose the plan and pieces you want. Then call 844-344-5380 to place your order. Give the operator the promo code Yahoo! and you won’t be charged the activation fee.