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Saving Never Gets Old

By: Janus Capital Group
Harvest Exchange
March 30, 2017

Saving Never Gets Old

It just takes time and a winning retirement savings strategy

You’re familiar with your clients’ dearest retirement dreams: the cabin on Martha’s Vineyard, paying for their grandkids college or finally summiting Kilimanjaro in style. They work hard and both expect and deserve to enjoy rewards in due time.

No matter their age, it never hurts to remind them that to make those dreams a reality, part of the planning is to be realistic, realizing that saving takes time and the amount you can put away differs for everyone. But it’s never too early – or too late – to start preparing.

Savings strategies that never get old

Whatever a person’s age bracket, it’s always the right time to put a little something away. The clock may just be starting for the youngest workers, but that works in their favor because the biggest advantage for investors in their 20s is the power of compounding growth over time.

But time always marches on. Workers beyond their 20s should consider these strategies:

The bottom line

From start to finish, tailoring advice on nurturing wealth is a critical to each demographic. To learn more, review our <html><body><strong>Wealth Strategies</strong></body></html> tips about programs and resources for wealth management, estate planning and high-net-worth clients.

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