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Saykara Launches First Fully Ambient AI Healthcare Voice Assistant

-- A major breakthrough for AI-powered doctor voice assistants, Saykara actively listens to physician-patient encounters and auto-generates clinical notation and records entry

-- Kara is now the only AI-powered healthcare voice assistant that can be used during a physician-patient encounter without any voice commands, promising to eliminate up to 100% of after-hours charting and records entry

-- Saykara looks to build on its active install base of 20 healthcare organizations across 10 healthcare specialties, including Providence Swedish Health, Providence Kadlec, Hancock Hospital, Multicare Healthsystem and OrthoIndy Hospital

SEATTLE, June 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Saykara today announced the release of Kara 2.0, an AI-powered healthcare assistant that further simplifies the documentation process for physicians. Now featuring Ambient Mode, Kara 2.0 is a breakthrough AI-powered voice application for healthcare, allowing physicians and patients to interact as they normally do, all while Saykara listens, transcribes to text, parses text into structured data, and intelligently completes each form in a patient's electronic health record (EHR or chart). Saykara then automatically generates a clinic note including patient history, physical, assessment, plan, orders and referrals. 

With the release of Ambient Mode, Saykara is the only virtual healthcare assistant that can be used passively 'in the room' during physician-patient appointments with no voice commands. Ambient Mode builds on Saykara's versatility and agnosticity, allowing it to better serve up to 18 disparate healthcare specialties, including primary care, pediatrics, internal medicine, orthopedics, urology and more. The reduction in friction enabled by Ambient Mode strongly positions Saykara to serve the primary care market, where physician-patient encounters are routinely complex, multi-symptomatic and multi-diagnostic. Of the 850,000 physicians in the U.S., more than 200,000 are primary care physicians, making it the largest addressable market for AI-powered healthcare voice assistants.

Launched in 2015 by a team of experienced healthcare vets who previously pioneered speech recognition and machine learning for medical transcription, Saykara has onboarded 20 healthcare organizations representing 10 healthcare specialties. Customers include Providence Swedish Medical Group, Providence Kadlec, Hancock Hospital, Multicare Healthsystem and OrthoIndy Hospital, among others.

Saykara's versatility is supported by its augmented AI approach. In addition to advanced speech recognition, artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, Saykara is supported on the back end by human feedback, enabling the system to train itself faster and to meet the mission-critical accuracy requirements of the healthcare space.

Saykara adoption to date has been spurred by its immediate impact on physician quality of life and work-life balance. Physicians are often forced to choose between typing in an EHR during patient exams, potentially eroding doctor-to-patient interaction and perceived service levels, or spending hours at night dictating or entering information and forfeiting personal downtime. This 'off hours' documentation burden is a leading cause of physician dissatisfaction and burnout and and one of the most pressing problems facing the healthcare industry today. With Saykara, physicians can eliminate 70-100% of after-hours charting and records entry.

Physicians also still have the option to use Saykara in Summary Mode during or after a patient encounter, whether in the exam room or in another room.


"Patient care and the physician-patient relationship is the crux of every healthcare business. However, both are under pressure from healthcare economics and digital records regulation. Healthy, well-rested physicians are capable of seeing 30 or more patients each day and achieving high levels of customer service if they are freed from the onerous burden of clerical digital record entry. Saykara is the only intelligent assistant we've encountered that makes a serious dent in after-hours work. We're looking forward to taking advantage of Saykara's latest features and continuing to improve the quality of life for both our physicians and patients." - Dr. Mihir Patel, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, OrthoIndy/OrthoIndy Hospital

"It's been a long journey, but we have finally made a huge and meaningful leap forward for reducing physician burnout. A truly automated intelligent assistant that just listens and charts in the background is a huge breakthrough, because it allows the patient-provider relationship to, once again, be the focal point of a clinic visit where it rightfully belongs. My clinic is an early adopter of the ambient features and we're thrilled to integrate a technology that truly provides a hands-free and real-time charting experience." - Dr. Matt Fradkin, MD, Pediatrician, Providence St. Joseph Health

"With the release of Kara 2.0, we've begun to deliver on the true promise of intelligent voice assistant for healthcare providers. The technical challenge we've solved cannot be understated, as we've delivered a specialized voice-to-text for natural language and medical vocabulary that accurately captures a physician's natural verbal interaction with a patient and intelligently parses it for EHR, all ambiently and passively, in the background, with minimal instruction. This is a true breakthrough and we're thrilled to introduce it to our current healthcare provider install base and beyond." - Harjinder Sandhu, CEO, Saykara

About Saykara

Saykara is an AI-powered healthcare virtual assistant that simplifies the documentation process for physicians, allowing them to spend more time treating patients and less time on administrative tasks. By leveraging voice and AI, Saykara automates critical workflows and provides a smart and scalable solution for any customer, regardless of size. Saykara's unique approach minimizes deployment lead time and offers customers a high-quality, personalized experience from day one. Saykara was founded in 2015 by Harjinder Sandhu, a former Nuance executive and machine learning veteran, and its team consists of former product leaders, engineers and machine learning experts from Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Nuance.

Visit www.saykara.com or email info@saykara.com for more information and to request a live demo.

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