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School Administrator and Coach Alex Geordan Discusses the Academic and Social Benefits of High School Sports

CANFIELD, OH / ACCESSWIRE / June 24, 2020 / It's no secret that high school sports keep kids physically active. However, many high school students and their parents aren't aware of just how many benefits high school sports offer. The school superintendent and high school sports coach Alex Geordan recently discussed the academic and social benefits sports offer.

"We all know sports are good for the physical health of students," Alex Geordan said. "But if all parents understand the social and academic benefits sports provide, more of them would encourage their kids to play."

Alex Geordan stated that high school sports are continuously linked to higher grades. He added that those who participate in sports are significantly less likely to drop out of school. Alex Geordan, superintendent and coach, stated that students are 15 percent more likely to attend college if they participate in high school sports. All of the above are advantages he thinks most parents can get behind.

"In addition to achieving higher grades and having a greater chance of continuing education," Alex Geordan said. "Students who play sports develop a number of valuable life skills.

Alex Geordan described that kids who play sports in high school demonstrate more self-respect, leadership skills, and overall confidence. He added that students who play sports learn essential time management skills. Alex Geordan stated that these students learn to juggle the demands of homework, practices, and games. They learn to prioritize certain parts of life over others, and learn the benefits of working hard toward a goal.

Alex Geordan also cited a survey of more than 14,000 teenage students, which stated that those who played team sports were less likely to smoke cigarettes, carry weapons, and use drugs. Therefor, parents who encourage their kids to play sports are encouraging them to live an overall healthier lifestyle. For parents, this also means there's a better chance they won't have to worry about the negative consequences that come with kids using drugs, carrying weapons, and beginning other unhealthy habits.

"Studies have shown that students who play sports are able to build stronger relationships with their peers," Alex Geordan said. "They learn to encourage others and work alongside them to achieve a common goal."

Alex Geordan explained that while forming these relationships in high school is important, this is a skill that becomes increasingly useful as students become older. They enter the workforce more capable of working with others and accomplishing tasks as a team. They have a stronger understanding that, at times, individuals need to sacrifice personal achievements for the success of the team.

"The list of benefits of playing high school sports can go on forever," Alex Geordan said. "We hope more and more parents will talk to their kids about playing and encourage them to get out there and give it a shot."


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