SchooLinks Partners with Chicago Public Schools to Scale Career and College Readiness Districtwide

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Illinois's largest school district has chosen SchooLinks as the unified platform to support all student post-secondary pathways.

Austin, Texas, March 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SchooLinks is excited to announce Chicago Public Schools (CPS) chose to make SchooLinks its new platform to support all college and career readiness goals districtwide. The SchooLinks and CPS partnership will enable the district to:

  • Align department goals to improve student achievement and post-secondary outcomes

  • Expand the district ILP Scope and Sequence to include student experiences both in and out of the classroom

  • Support student awareness and exploration of career opportunities aligned with personal interests

  • Equip the district to expand its career-connected education programs through impactful work-based learning opportunities and experiences

SchooLinks will provide CPS with the ability to execute a comprehensive college and career readiness program by strategically managing student tasks, measuring student outcomes, evaluating program effectiveness, and providing relevant information for administrators to make data-driven decisions. With over 80+ interactive experiences, students will participate in interest inventories to support personal career exploration, develop social-emotional learning skills, build awareness of post-secondary options, and make connections between future goals and academic/course planning. The SchooLinks platform will help CPS implement a holistic, multi-year college and career planning experience that equitably prepares students for adulthood.

“SchooLinks will enable us to support all Learn Plan Succeed Pathways,” said Dr. Heidi Traux, CPS Executive Director of OSCPA. “As part of the decision-making process, we allowed staff and students to rate each [CCR platform] option. Over 87 percent of students found SchooLinks to be fun and engaging. We are excited to embark on this journey with SchooLinks because we know it is in the best interest of our students.”

“SchooLinks is honored for CPS to join the SchooLinks family. We are excited to continue to push the boundaries of college and career readiness forward through CPS’ vision.” Said Katie Fang, Founder and CEO of SchooLinks.SchooLinks is a web-based college and career platform that supports districts nationwide as they implement a comprehensive curriculum and framework to prepare students for the post-secondary pathway of their choice. School staff utilize the solutions within SchooLinks to effectively collaborate across departments, improve processes, and deliver lessons that support students' post-secondary readiness. A full suite of reports provides real-time, actionable data for school and district leaders to measure student achievement and school staff impact. SchooLinks is dedicated to supporting district goals of expanding opportunities for all students to reach their potential and achieve their post-secondary goals.

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