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Sciforma Reveals Version 7

LOS GATOS, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 2, 2015) - Sciforma, one of the world leaders in web-based project and portfolio management software for IT, R&D, Professional Services, and public sector projects, has unveiled Sciforma 7.

The result of a real technological revolution
Since its creation in 1982, Sciforma has reached a third goal post in its technological revolution. Following the move from DOS to Windows at the beginning of the '90s and then to Java in the early years of 2000, Sciforma has just delivered an outstanding HTML5 version, with ultra-modern screens that are intuitive and uncluttered.

"Software applications developed in HTML5 work on all browsers, on all computers (Mac, Windows or Linux), and with all devices (computer, tablet or smartphone). Simple and globally renowned, HTML5 technology doesn't require any plug-ins to work," explains Yann Le Bihan, CEO of Sciforma Corporation.

Extensions with responsive web design
Like the apps on your smartphone, the Sciforma extensions are easy to install, easy to update, and are compatible with each other. Each extension has a precise function, be that for managing different types of projects (IT, R&D, Professional Services, public sector, etc.) or method based (Agile, Critical Chain, Prince2, Phase Gate, etc.). All you have to do is select the extensions that best suit your industry sector and requirements.

Sciforma 7's extensions are intuitive and cover all aspects of portfolio and project management. They have been designed with responsive web design technology meaning that the workspaces will automatically adapt to the size of your screen thus optimizing use with a tablet.

Quick configuration for efficient results
A great deal of time has been put into the simplicity of configuring Sciforma 7 which doesn't require any knowledge of HTML5 or CSS. "We didn't want to limit the administration of the application to a small group of HTML5 experts but on the contrary wanted to make it accessible to as many people as possible," adds Yann Le Bihan. For example, using the Sciforma Designer, system administrators can create data-entry forms tailored to their specific, unique requirements and then instantly the forms are available on all devices (computer, tablet and smartphone)!

Other enhancements: collaborative editing and a powerful search engine
Sciforma 7 did not stop at the major enhancements described above but they also introduced a plethora of new functionality. Amongst these functions is the ability to activate collaborative editing of the same project, i.e. allow several users to have write access at the same time. Another major step forward is the search engine which is capable of searching and displaying results found within different areas of the system (e.g. on-line help, workspaces, data etc.). It even makes search suggestions if you make a typo!

New secure cloud platform
In keeping with the architecture of this new 'thin client' version, Sciforma has launched a new hosting platform: Sciforma.net. With SSO compatibility (available with the SAML 2.0 protocol), Sciforma.net adheres to the highest security standards including unique encryption key per client and encrypted data at rest and in transit.

Free online tutorial videos on YouTube

Training methods have completely changed in an era where e-learning is increasingly replacing classroom based training. Sciforma has adapted to this new reality and now offers a set of video tutorials free of charge and available on Sciforma's YouTube Channel (and on Sciforma.com). These tutorials allow users to learn the key steps at their own pace.

About Sciforma

Sciforma recognizes that every company is unique. Our customized software solutions are used by over a quarter million people worldwide and are offered on-site, hosted or SaaS. Sciforma 7.0 can be tailored to fit your company's PPM environment ensuring your processes and methodologies are followed.

Web based, Sciforma 7.0 gives you extensive insight into all your projects and resources across the enterprise regardless of their geographical location. Sciforma is written using HTML5 which works on all browsers, on all computers (Mac, Windows or Linux), and with all devices (computer, tablet or smartphone).

Sciforma 7.0 enables companies to decide on the 'right' projects to launch, to manage all their schedules and their teams' workload. It allows each team member to enter time spent on the project. Adapted to all company sizes (SMEs and large enterprises), Sciforma 7.0 owes its success to its considerable simplicity, adaptability and ease of use.