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Scorpio daily horoscope

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Monday 16, September

The Moon is in Aries for one more day, setting you up for some fiery interactions at work. This is fire in the best sense of the word - because it's all about expressing your passion and creativity. Leap into the week with your whole soul involved in what you're creating in the day-to-day.

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Sunday 15, September

It's all about work, work and more work at the moment, Scorpio. The Moon lights up your house of projects, rituals and wellness. Self-care is an absolute must to stay on your demanding and hectic schedule. Find the boundaries and the balance to keep from burning out or getting sick, darling.

Saturday 14, September

You're entering a retreat phase, Scorpio. The planets are stacking up in your house of dreams one-by-one. Let the mundane world go for the next few weeks, and focus on your inner world, Scorpio. If you can get away for a secluded and fabulous holiday for a bit, even better.

Friday 13, September

The Full Moon is on her way to your love and pleasure zone, Scorpio. She's already lighting up your house of romance but the big finale, culmination moment arrives early tomorrow morning. Watch your feelings and desires as they go from intense to beyond passionate in the next few days. Let yourself feel it all.

Thursday 12, September

The lunar energies are dramatic and romantic in the best and worst of all possible ways, Scorpio. Use this energy to focus on what you love with wild abandon. What are your soul's deepest longings? The Full Moon is almost here and setting off deep desires and feelings for better or worse.

Wednesday 11, September

The Moon is lighting up the base of your chart and making you want to play recluse for the day. If only you could hide in bed and wait for this super strong and sensitive energy to pass. It might be extremely difficult to be with people now. Give yourself plenty of space, Scorpio.

Tuesday 10, September

Life is super dreamy at the moment, Scorpio. The current planetary influence assures that your creativity and love life bring all of the inspiration you need. If you have to pinch yourself, thank your lucky stars. It's one of those lovely and glamorous days (and weeks) to remember.

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