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Scott Gordon, Founder and CEO of Open Mortgage, Writes His New Book "The New Reverse Mortgage - 2015 Edition"

Austin, TX / myprgenie.com / ACCESSWIRE / September 10, 2014 / Open Mortgage's Founder and CEO, Scott Gordon announces the publication of his new Book and eBook, The New Reverse Mortgage – 2015 Edition. Scott discusses the reason for writing the book, "Reverse mortgage laws changed significantly in 2014. Seniors and their baby boomer children cannot rely on older books and articles. Seniors themselves need to understand this financial tool. In addition, senior's baby boomer children, estate planners, and others involved in the lives of the senior need to understand the tool as well." Scott continues, "Many myths and misconception surround the reverse mortgage space. Reverse mortgages were once considered to be a tool of last resort, however now savvy seniors understand that if they have enough equity in their home, a reverse mortgage financial tool may help them plan for their retirement, live a better quality of life, or pay medical expenses, and assist in quality health care in their home. These days, there are a number of advanced strategies (using the reverse mortgage) by seniors with income and other assets in order to extend the life of their retirement funds. Don't miss my chapter on advanced strategies in the book."

Scott's printed book is available on Amazon.com for $19.95, and his eBook is also available for download for $9.95 in PDF, Kindle, and iPad versions.

About Scott Gordon and Open Mortgage:

Scott Gordon founded Open Mortgage thirteen years ago on the premise that strong back-end computer systems offer borrowers a superior loan experience. The "Why" to Scott's story is that he believed then and still believes that strong automated tools, cutting-edge technology, and experienced loan originators are the keys to customer service. Scott has drawn upon his vast expertise in the Reverse division he owns, and decided to write and publish this advanced strategies book on the power of the reverse mortgage.

Open Mortgage offers a wide variety of mortgage products including reverse mortgages (home equity conversion mortgage - HECM's), conventional mortgages, mortgage refinance, FHA loans, USDA loans, 203K construction loans, and VA loans.

Scott and his Corporate Team are located at Open Mortgage's Headquarters: 14101 West Highway 290, Building 1300, Austin, Texas 78737 (888) 602-6626 www.openmortgage.com ceo.openmortgage.com


Contact: Diane Creasy, diane@corp.openmtg.com, 512-492-3352

SOURCE: Open Mortgage