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ScribbleChat Debuts Facebook Messenger Bot at F8

NEW YORK, April 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Facebook Developer Conference; F8 - ScribbleChat today announced that its personalized 3D handwriting bot is now available on Facebook Messenger. The bot enables personalized messaging capabilities by integrating real 3D handwriting into the Messenger platform. This integration follows on the heels of the official ScribbleChat app launch in March, allowing ScribbleChat to interact with Messenger's 1.2 billion global monthly users, and giving consumers advanced accessibility options to easily send personalized, handwritten messages without leaving the Messenger platform.

ScribbleChat's bot debuts at F8 in tandem with Messenger's new Chat Extensions feature. With bots now available in Messenger group chats, users can take advantage of ScribbleChat's unique handwriting and animation features across all of their conversations.

"ScribbleChat for Messenger addresses the current shift underway in the messaging market and the voids in personalization and enhanced animation messaging," said Trey Stout, CTO and Co-founder of ScribbleChat. "Millions of people entrust messaging apps to keep their relationships healthy, but they all cram our messages into the same fonts and colored bubbles. ScribbleChat's integration with Messenger is the first step in causing a widespread cry for individuality in the communication space."

Available today, ScribbleChat for Messenger enhances messaging with a personal touch, and empowers people to never message each other via plain text in the digital era. With the ScribbleChat bot, you can now virtually send emotions with "handwritten" text, emojis and interactive animations to more accurately convey real tone and sentiment in digital conversations.

ScribbleChat bot users receive immediate access through the Messenger platform to unique fonts that reflect different handwriting styles and 3D animations that are not confined to the normal text bubble. This allows you to express a full range of emotions through messaging, and eliminates confusion and misinterpretations of text-based messages. ScribbleChat also provides an extensive variety of advanced graphics and animations, elevating the tone and sentiment of the message to mirror an in-person conversation.

"We are thrilled by ScribbleChat's new bot, and look forward to seeing what the Messenger community will do with it. People want personalization, but they don't want to sacrifice the convenience plain text gives them to communicate quickly," said Stan Chudnosky, Vice President of Product for Messenger. "ScribbleChat offers this personalization and it integrates seamlessly into the Messenger experience."

The ScribbleChat bot for Messenger is available on all platforms where Messenger exists, including iOS, Android, and web, providing easy access to all of ScribbleChat's features without leaving Messenger-- removing the friction of users having to download additional apps. The bot makes it possible for users to be more personal, proactive, and more streamlined in the way that we interact with people.

This announcement coincides with Facebook's F8 Developer Conference, the premier conference for developers and businesses leaders to come together to explore the future of technology.

About ScribbleChat
Launched in 2017, ScribbleChat is the first app of its kind to completely evolve the chat experience by integrating real 3D handwriting into a messaging platform. Through enhancing consumer messaging with a personal touch, ScribbleChat allows you to virtually send emotions with "handwritten" text, emojis and interactive animations to more accurately convey tone and sentiment in conversations. ScribbleChat empowers individuals to express their feelings during interactions and aids in eliminating confusion and misinterpretations of text messages. Founded in New York City by Handwriting.io, the app provides an innovative solution to individualizing digital thoughts in order to help human relationships survive modern technology. To download the app and learn more please visit getscribblechat.com.

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