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SeamlessSwap Coins Revolutionizing the Yield Farming Space of Cryptocurrencies

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Melbourne, Australia--(Newsfile Corp. - November 18, 2021) - SeamlessSwap is a cryptocurrency that is audited by audits. Finance makes it very secure and safe to invest in. It has a high yield and works through decentralized exchanges on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). The project aims to make decentralization and cryptocurrency as straightforward as possible by enhancing its user-friendliness. The ecosystem is based on Automatic rewards, Yield farming, and LP Acquisitions. The project has an integrated wallet feature on its app where the coin holders get rewarded. The project is already planning to add a launchpad to the system very soon. The primary goal of this project is to work for the objective of having centralized exchanges.


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SeamlessSwap provides a secure platform for the coin holders to do ultrafast transactions, has lower fees than the other coins, and a burning function. Mining is strictly prohibited in the system. Every transaction made in the protocol generates automatic creation of liquidity with PancakeSwap LP. SeamlessSwap provides RFI static benefits to the coin holders through static reflection, thus continuously increasing their balance. They run through a manual burn approach managed by the team and are promoted according to the performance. It helps the community with continuous rewards and is beneficial for long-term users. The project aims to create an ecosystem based on Sound Monetary Policies with a sound and solid decentralized foundation.

SeamlessSwap is looking forward to creating a revolutionary ecosystem to attract more people into digital assets and build a safe and secure platform. Safety, security, and trustworthiness are the company's priorities. The tokens are divided by the users and give options to stake.

Token details: The tokens are divided as 15% in devs, 10% in marketing, and 75% in liquidity pool. Hence, the firm thus offers high-yielding farming tokens on Binance Smart Chain.

Burning mechanism: Burns, managed by the team, promoted on accomplishments, assist in keeping the community informed and with tremendous rewards. The team might monitor the burning mechanism's conditions and proportions. The manual burns aid in rewarding and telling the community, and their circumstances and quantities are publicized and recorded. 2% burning of SeamlessSwap coins continues after every transaction. The burning system gives transparency to the circulating supply.

Reflection: Reflections or static rewards goals to prevent price collapses during any significant descents, the automated liquidity pool will deliver stability. So, when a whale sells a mass number of holdings, the automated liquidity pool acts accordingly and prevents fluctuations in the price of the coins.

Liquidity pool: LP coins are given out to the liquidity providers for providing liquidity. Depending upon the availability of liquidity pool (LP) coins, they are allocated to the liquidity providers with the budget from DEV traders. After the purchase, the project assures that the assets held by the coin holders are immediately taken and locked to ensure liquidity. The company's primary role is to keep the holders informed about SeamlessSwap token performances by avoiding whale dips. Additional LP provides more stability by adding the tax to the total liquidity pool. This raises the coins' overall LP and maintains the coins' price floor.

Staking: SeamlessSwap works on an eco-friendly Binance platform that is working on the proof of stake system. Binance staking ensures the safety of the users' funds and provides a Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU). The organization's staking method is cryptocurrencies, enabling a passive income. If the holders fantasize about making a remarkable and steady income through staking, then SeamlessSwap is the best option to take up.

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Company name: Seamlessswap
Email: Info@seamlessswap.com
Website: https://seamlessswap.finance/

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